Patch Ceremony and JN Dress Rehearsal

I met SSG E at breakfast at the chow hall (I usually sit with him anyway) and then we headed over to the Battalion for the weekly Supply Sergeant meeting.  It was pretty short so that was good.  Then it was back to the band hall.  I spent the rest of the morning doing e-mails and stuff and then after lunch (during which we got to hear the Dixie Band playing!) it was fnishing up hand receipt stuff and other supply things.  Shortly after 4 we got on a bus and went to our Battalion area for our Patch Ceremony.  The band played.  I took pictures with the unit’s camera.  It was a nice and short ceremony (no speeches!) and we all have our Should Sleeve Insignia for Former Wartime Service (aka Combat Patches) on now.  The Division Commanding General put Chief’s on his sleeve, and then after the Army Song was done being played, Chief and 1SG put all the Band members’ on their sleeves.  Then it was back to the band hall to do details and we were done for the day.  I headed home to get my Joyful Noez t-shirt for pictures tonight, and then back to the chapel for our final rehearsal before Sunday.  I got there just in time for prayer time, so that was nice.  Our rehearsal went really well, and after a break for dinner (our sound guys went and got pizza for us – we all chipped in money for them), we went through all our music TWICE.  I don’t have much of a voice left right now, but it’ll be fine by morning.  After we were done rehearsing, we got our sound equipment and instruments put away and headed home for the evening.  It was almost 2330 by the time we left, but we have almost an hour of music.  So it was a good night.  I am glad that our late night and extra rehearsals are done now so maybe I’ll get a little bit more stitching time in.

Off to bed – it’s late and I’m getting up early tomorrow for something.  Stay tuned until then to see what!

Today’s high:  109
Current:  95 (12:20 a.m.)

One thought on “Patch Ceremony and JN Dress Rehearsal

  1. yikes Lani!

    i just read about your injuries etc – i hope you aren’t having any pain at this point. mouth pain sucks! your pictures from the sandstorm… amazing. especially the color outside, i’ve never seen anything like that.


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