A little less swelling and pain

First of all. . .  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Grandma!!!  I hope you had a wonderful day!!

I didn’t even bother to set my alarm for PT this morning.  I just got up about 0715 and started my day.  I stopped to turn my laundry in, and they have a new computer system they’re using so it was slower because they’re still learning it.  I ended up not getting breakfast, but that’s ok.  After formation I headed over to Green Beans and got a Wildberry Smoothie.  That lasted me pretty much all morning which I spent doing hand receipt stuff on the computer.  After lunch with one of my friends from Joyful Noez, I did more supply stuff.  I also went back to the medical clinic to get my profile extended, but the MAJ that saw me on Tuesday wasn’t there because it wasn’t sick call hours.  So I was told to come back in the morning during sick call hours.  Ok, so back to the band hall I went.  We did details outside today since the dust storm has finallly subsided – swept the entry area and did a police call.  Then at 1700 our Battalion Commander and Command Sergeant Major came by and we held a formation.  We were presented with 2 streamers for our guidon, both going back to our tour in Afghanistan.  It was kind of cool, and I think they said we were the only company in the Batallion to get them.  After that was done, we were done for the day.  I headed home for a while before going back for dinner.  Then I had about 45 minutes before Joyful Noez rehearsal, so I went to the band hall and I called Ryan and Robbie.  Daycare is closed this week and Ryan couldn’t find a babysitter so he ended up taking the whole week off from work.  He and Robbie have been having lots of fun.  Then I went to Joyful Noez rehearsal and that went well.  We started working on continuity between songs and pretty much ran straight through the order for Sunday.  We still have a bit of work to do, but for the most part everything is really starting to come together.

And now for some pictures. . .

My face after yesterday morning

A little bit closer shot (and if you click on the picture, you can make it bigger)

Dust storm pics.  Inside our tent/deep end rehearsal area/yes, we actually work in this. . .

And outside looking toward Green Beans – yes, that’s the color it was outside.  It’s awful.

Off to bed now since it’s after midnight again.

Today’s High:  108
Current:  90 (12:05 a.m.)


4 thoughts on “A little less swelling and pain

  1. Oh Lani! Your poor lip! But, you are still cute as a button!! 😀

    How on earth can you blow on a horn in that dust?? I also play and I just cannot imagine that. Bless your heart!!

    Big hugs!!! We love you!

    Nancy :0)

  2. OUCH!

    OMG lady. That looks so painful. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. And those conditions you play, work and sleep in. I don’t know how you do it sweetie. God bless you and everyone there. Take good care sweet lady.


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