Softball injury and no music for me

We had softball practice this morning again.  It started out good – for about the first 20 minutes.  Then we were doing some fielding practice and I was out in right field.  Our coach (SFC Y) was hitting the balls and he hit a nice fly ball out to me.  I got under it, got my glove up (according to the other guys – I don’t remember), and then moved my glove at the last minute.  That ball hit me right on the mouth.  I dropped my glove and took a knee and had my hand over my mouth.  All I knew at that point was it HURT.  After a short bit, the pain subsided enough that I could look up and SFC Y and SFC J were right there by me.  They asked me if I was ok, and I took my hand away and blood.  Nope – not ok.  SFC Y got me some water so I could start rinsing the blood out of my mouth.  I did a check with my tongue – all teeth present for duty.  So I sat for a little while and rinsed blood out and then SFC J took me to the medical clinic to be checked out.  They cleaned off everything and checked my mouth out.  I have a small gash on the outside where the ball hit, 3 or 4 minor lacerations (that’s what they called them) inside my lip, my lip is WAY swollen, and I have one tooth a little loose.  It wasn’t bad enough for them to send me to the dental side, but the Major that looked at me told me some things to keep an eye out for.  And I got a “no-blow” profile for 48 hours, although I’ll probably have to go back and have it extended.  If it was just the fat lip, I could probably play tomorrow, but with the tooth loose, I need to make sure it’s completely healed before I try and play so I don’t make things worse.

After I was done at the clinic I stopped by the chow hall for breakfast.  It took me 45 minutes to eat a little bit of scrambled eggs, some oatmeal, and some applesauce.  I’m on a soft food diet for a few days because of the tooth.  Then it was home to shower and change into ACUs and head back to the band hall.  I got there about 1000 and the teasing began.  But it was all in fun, and I still had my smile on my face and I was even making jokes about my incident.  I did have to fill out an accident report form though since it’s affecting me doing my duty.   I pretty much did computer stuff all day – supply things and e-mails and stuff.  After lunch we had a promotion ceremony for MC who got promoted to Sergeant.  Our Battalion Commander and Command Sergeant Major were present for that, and just as they were getting ready to leave the building, our Division Command Sergeant Major stopped by.  Nice day for visitors with my fat lip and all.  LOL

About 1530 I left for the day and came home and took a nap before dinner.  Dinner consisted on mashed potatoes, black cherry yogurt with the chunks removed, chocolate pudding, and chocolate ice cream.  And it took me forever to eat.  Then it was home for a nice relaxing evening chatting with Ryan and my brother and a few friends.  I’m actually going to bed early tonight – I don’t feel like stitching or crocheting.

Ok, no pictures tonight.  The internet is too slow because of the dust storm (and I have pics of that, too).

Today’s High:  104
Current:  99 (9:35 p.m.)


2 thoughts on “Softball injury and no music for me

  1. Oh, no!! 😦 I’m so sorry to hear about your fat lip, but it’s good that you’re managing to stay positive through it all. I hope it clears up soon! *HUGS*

  2. OW-WITCH!!!!

    Softballs do not belong in mouths, or near mouths. Particularly when your mouth is your money (so to speak).

    of course, fingers do not belong near power saws either (Scott’s 1SG tried to cut two of them off…only succeeded in losing 1/2 of one). Just not a good thing! Take care, ICE, Pain meds, and WAIT!


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