Busy Day

I went to breakfast early this morning so I could be at the band hall by 0830.  I had a class over at Camp Liberty – class was so I could be the Pay Agent and handle the money for some of our purchases over here – office supplies, furniture, tools/paint, etc.  It only lasted about an hour, and had a 12 question test at the end.  It was pretty easy.  The instructor was really good – really knew his stuff so that helped make the class interesting.  Once that was done, it was back to the band hall and I just did e-mails and stuff for the rest of the morning.  After lunch we had Brass Quintet rehearsal and then Salsa Band.  Both went well and were fun.  We sight read new music in both groups.  After salsa was done, I headed to dinner and then home as the Dodgeball tournament matches were cancelled tonight due to the dust storm.  Tonight was to be the semi-finals and final match, and we have TWO band teams.  One team is in the top bracket semi and the other team is in the bottom bracket semi.  You see where this could go on Wednesday when the games have been rescheduled for.  It would be way cool to see an all-Band final!

Once home, I showered and got into my Army-issue “PJs” (aka PT uniform) and took my stitching out.  I also chatted with Ryan and a couple of friends.  

is back from her vacation, so it sure was nice to chat with her again!  Now I’m finishing up e-mail and message boards for the evening and then it will be off to bed, hopefully by 2300.

Today’s high:  108 (dust storm pretty bad all day)
Current:  97 (10:25 p.m.)

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