Well, since I’m sitting here as CQ, I thought I’d try and upload a few pictures.

Here I am sitting on the steps to the Band Hall.

Here’s the full moon the other night – looking from the corner of my CHU over the ones across the way.

Here I am on my first Blackhawk flight here in Iraq.

And my latest cross stitch finish.  Trombone by Stoney Creek.  It took me 38.5 hours to stitch.

I guess that’s all the pics for now.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog!  Feel free to leave me comments!

5 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Wow!

    It’s amazing having these glimpses into your life as a soldier in Iraq as well as mother, wife and cross stitcher. Thanks for sharing these pics. – Christina

  2. Well shoot, I left a message earlier and I don’t know what happened to it. lol

    I’ll try again:

    I LOVE the pics. It gives us all a little window into your life. I have to say that I especially like the one with you on your Blackhawk flight.

    Big hugs and I’ll be getting out a package to you this week!

    Nancy :0)

    p.s….if you DID get the first one…ignore this one. ROFL

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