The end of CQ and 6 hours of Joyful Noez

I got up about 0630 this morning as I had to have the building open by 0700.  So I got into my uniform and got my hair up and started my day.  A couple of Soldiers that I let stay later than 2300 to play HALO (a computer game) got me some Cocoa Puffs and chocolate milk from the chow hall last night (midnight chow) so I didn’t have to go for breakfast and I was able to let my chow relief sleep in some.  Then I did some stuff on the computer and I stitched for a couple of hours.  I got relieved at 1215 and I headed home.  I had to pick up  my laundry so I could have my Joyful Noez shirt for tonight.  By the time I got my laundry, dropped my bag off in my room, and headed back, I only had enough time at the chow hall to grab a to-go box and throw some semblance of a salad and a cookie in it.  I got back to the band hall just in time for formation and then after formation I ate quick and then went and helped with details.  Did you know that a vacuum cleaner sucks better when the dirt & dust from inside is emptied?  And did you know that a vacuum cleaner sucks better when you unclog the end of the hose?  Well, they do work that way.  LOL  So we got our area cleaned up and I got my office cleaned up as well (not much to do in there – my office is smaller than most bathrooms in houses).  Then I did some stuff on my computer, and at 3 we had section time.  The trombone section went out back to an area we found (it used to be my secret practice area, but I guess others have found it, too) and we played quartets.  We rotated parts after every piece, so we all got to play all of the parts at one time or another.  It was a lot of fun even though it was hot out.  We got done about 1630.  I went back to my office to finish out the last half hour and then I changed into my Joyful Noez t-shirt and headed over to the chapel.  Oh – JN t-shirt is tan with the logo and stuff on it, but when you put ACU top on over the t-shirt, it just looks like a normal tan t-shirt.

We got warmed up and ran through our set for the service and had our prayer time.  The service went well, and after we went for a quick dinner at the chow hall and then it was back to practice for a few hours for next week’s “A Night of Worship” – the service next Sunday will be all music with a few testimonies during.  So we’re working up around 15 songs and having a few extra rehearsals to make sure we’ve got our A Game next week.  It was a great rehearsal, but we were all glad when it was done about 22:45.  We were all starting to fade after almost 6 hours of Joyful Noez stuff.  L and N walked me home like usual and now I’m heading to bed.  It’s after midnight and I’m tired.

The view from the trombone practice area:

Today’ High:  115
Current:  99 (12:15 a.m.)


Well, since I’m sitting here as CQ, I thought I’d try and upload a few pictures.

Here I am sitting on the steps to the Band Hall.

Here’s the full moon the other night – looking from the corner of my CHU over the ones across the way.

Here I am on my first Blackhawk flight here in Iraq.

And my latest cross stitch finish.  Trombone by Stoney Creek.  It took me 38.5 hours to stitch.

I guess that’s all the pics for now.

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