What a day

Today did not start off well.  At some point during the night my computer decided to turn itself off.  Well, my alarm clock is a program that I downloaded for free.  So if my computer turns off, my alarm clock will not go off.  And that’s what happened.  I woke up just before 0700, so no time to run.  At least I got up and had enough time to get dressed and get breakfast and stuff.  Then it was off to work.  After formation, I had Brass Quintet rehearsal and that went well.  Just before lunch I had to meet with Chief about some supply stuff.  I went home at lunch to pick up some paperwork that’s been in my room and has never made it to the band hall and now we needed it.  While home, I laid down and took a nap.  And again my alarm didn’t go off, although my computer was still on, so I ended up with not enough time to get lunch.  After lunch we had stage band sectionals.  The first hour was for individual practice and then we had sectionals for an hour.  I think our sectional went ok.  Then the rest of the day was spent doing supply stuff – last minute paperwork, trying to figure stuff out – lots of stress.  I left about 1930 to go find a Soldier for something and then to chow finally about 2000.  I finally left work shortly after 2230 and I am exhausted.  I has been one long, stressful day and I’m glad it’s time for bed.

And about yesterday. . .  I don’t know what happened to my post.  I was so tired last night, too, that it probably went to Page Not Found and I didn’t even notice.  At any rate, I have no idea what I did yesterday.

Today’s high:  109
Current:  93 (11:15 p.m.)