My smile is back and then there was Sunday

Yesterday morning when I got to work, I was in a much better mood after having turned in the paperwork, had some downtime, and an evening with Joyful Noez. Someone at work commented that I had found my smile again. And I guess they were right. I’m usually pretty happy and smiling at work but the previous few days not so much. It was nice not being as stressed. After formation we had a class on OPSEC (operational security) and it was actually pretty interesting – and always good information to remember around here. After that SGT W and I got the one document corrected that needed to be corrected. It appeared that we were trying to work a little magic and change a tuba into a microphone. LOL It was an easy fix as we had all the documents saved.

After lunch I did some e-mails and stuff and then we had a ceremony on a neighboring camp. It was HOT out, but I can’t complain since it’s not nearly as hot as it will be in a month or 2. The ceremony was really short – only about 20 minutes long so that was nice. Then it was back to the band hall to details and close out the day. I headed to dinner and then home for a shower. Then I laid down for a few minutes. Well, the few minutes turned into almost 5 hours. I woke up and was completely disoriented and HUNGRY. 5 hours is about the amount of sleep I get on a normal night so I guess my body thought it was time for breakfast. I chatted wtih Ryan and Mom for a while and checked my e-mail and message boards, and finally went back to sleep about 2 a.m.

I slept until almost 10 this morning and that sure felt good. Shortly after I woke up the maintenance guys were here to replace the lock on my door. Everyone is getting new locks. With the old one, you had to use a key to lock/unlock it from the inside as well as the outside, and it’s the policy here to leave you key in the lock when you’re in the room. Well, if there is a key in the lock on the inside, you can’t unlock it with the key from the outside. So say you were taking a nap and had the door locked with the key in it like you’re supposed to, and your roommate comes home, then your roommate couldn’t unlock the door from the outside and would have to wake you up. Now it just a deadbolt type lock – key from the outside, turn the lock from the inside. After that and signing for my new key and turning in the old one, I picked up a bag of laundry and dropped a bag of laundry off (no, not the same one).

I went to lunch and then to work for formation. After formation I sent my roommate an e-mail letting her know to go to the housing office on her way home and get her new key. She appreciated me letting her know. SFC SN, SSG E, Chief, and I went to Green Beans to talk about end-of-the-month supply stuff. We all had smoothies while we discussed – Thanks, Sir! Once we were done with that, I did up a couple more documents for property book stuff, helped with super-details (better cleaning than regular daily stuff – Sunday’s are our maintenance days at the unit), and did some e-mails.

Shortly after 5 I headed to the chapel for Joyful Noez warm-ups/rehearsal. Our microphones were giving us fits – they kept cutting in and out, or just not working at all – and our sound guy was working hard to get them working. At one point, us three ladies prayed over the one mic giving us the most problems. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but I will tonight. After warm-ups/rehearsal and before the service starts, we go in the back room and the Chaplain(s) come in with us. We hold hands in a circle (well, long skinny oval because of the shape/size of the room) and the Chaplain prays for us. Then we all lay hands on the Chaplain that is giving the message and one of the JN members will pray for the Chaplain. I think that’s kind of cool! The service was awesome, and our music was great. All the sound equipment worked just fine.

After the service, we went to the chow hall for dinner and then to Green Beans for beverages and the game of the week. Before I went over to GB, I went to the band hall and called Ryan & Robbie and Mom & Dad. It’s always nice hearing their voices, especially Robbie’s. He told me all about going to the fair yesterday and riding the rides and his fish named Jim. It’s just a little fair that the local Catholic church does each year as a fundraiser for the Catholic school in town. They had snowcones at the fair, and Robbie told me “I’ll buy you a snowcone after you come home, Mommy. That’s when you can have one.” He’s so cute. I miss my guys so much. After my phone calls were done, I went to GB and they were playing Spoons. But they didn’t have spoons so they were using wooden coffee stir sticks. Whatever works! It was a lot of fun and I was able to win a couple of hands. A couple of the guys in the group that live in the LSA next to mine walked me home so I didn’t have to walk by myself in the dark. Now I’m ready for bed and I think I need to get since it’s after midnight.

Today’s high: 110
Current: 95 (12:10 a.m.)

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