The stress should be over

I’m glad I had food in my room because I missed breakfast this morning.  But in a way I wish I hadn’t had food here.  That which I had – some kind of energy bar or something – was really gross.  I was glad to brush my teeth once I got to the band hall and get rid of the taste out of my mouth.  After formation, we had stage band sectionals, only most of the trombone section was at some kind of class.  It was just me and SSG G so we did individual practice.  I stayed outside with my horn for about an hour and then went to my office and started to finish up the paperwork I’ve been working on.  After lunch, I had a short ceremonial band rehearsal for a gig tomorrow, and then it was to my office to do the last bit on the paperwork and then go through and double check that I had done all that I was supposed to and hadn’t transposed any numbers in the serial numbers.  Everything looked good, and I signed all 41 documents.  Well, actually only 39 as there were 2 that Chief had to sign.

Then I headed up to Battalion to turn in the documents to our Property Book Officer, and as we were going through them, I found one that was blatantly wrong but it’ll be a quick redo.  We were trying to change a tuba into microphones instead of just correcting the serial number on the tuba.  LOL  Oops!!  I guess one out of 41 isn’t bad at all, and I’ll do it tomorrow and get it back to the PBO.  Once I was done there, I came home!  SFC J gave me the afternoon off after I was done with the paperwork so I could destress from all the stress of the past few days.  So I came  home and changed into PTs and put on my praise music for tonight’s rehearsal so I could listen to it.  And I stitched!  I’m almost done with a project, and I’m hoping by the end of the weekend or early next week I’ll be able to share a finish with you.  It was a very nice relaxing hour and a half before I headed to Joyful Noez rehearsal.

Rehearsal went well and I could feel all my stress just going away being with this group.  After rehearsal we went to dinner together and ended up getting kicked out of the chow hall at shortly after 2130.  The chow hall closes at 2100 so all the workers were waiting to go home.  They’re always really nice about it, and we were getting ready to leave anyway so it wasn’t a big deal.  Then I went to the chaplain offices and called Ryan and talked for almost 1/2 hour.  That was nice talking to him.  I really need to call him more often, and now that I know I can call from the chaplain’s offices (one of the chaplain’s assistants is in Joyful Noez, and he let me use his phone), I probably will call home more often.  They were having Bluegrass night there and so I stayed to listen.  SGT B (the chaplain assistant) plays bass with them and it’s a fun group.  I really enjoyed listening to them, and I even sang along on a few of the songs.  After they were done, SGT B was going to walk me home, but one of the guys in the group had a vehicle and he offered me and CH C (our Division Chaplain) a ride home.  That sure was nice of him!

Of course, now it’s really late and I need to get to sleep.

Today’s High:  109
Current:  91 (11:45 p.m.)

Just a note about “today’s high”.  It may or may not be the actual high temp for the day.  It’s just the highest I saw when I was checking.


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