A long, productive day

I ran 3.69 miles for PT this morning.  It sure felt great to be out on the roads, but boy was I sluggish and it took me just over 40 minutes.  But that’s ok – I’m allowed to have days like that!  Then after shower/change/e-mail/chat, I headed to breakfast and then to formation.  I did supply stuff all morning and got ready for the last part of the 100% inventory.  I ate lunch with some of the Joyful Noez group, and that was a nice change for the middle of the day.  Then after lunch we had Brass Quintet rehearsal for a couple of hours and then Chief and I did the last part of our inventory.  We’ve had eyes-on everything, and it’s time for the paperwork to begin.  That’s where my day got long.  Chief and SSG E and I met at 1800 (SSG E went to dinner – I got busy doing some stuff and lost track of time) and did a final scrub of the property book to see what change documents (changes to serial numbers, add serial numbers, transfer items to or from the rear property book – the one back at Ft. Drum) I need to do.  I have 4 pages in my notebook of stuff that needs to be fixed.  Once I get going on them, they shouldn’t take me all that long to do, and once they’re all done, it should be pretty much smooth sailing in the supply shop!

I finally left work at 2000 and headed to dinner at the Oasis chow hall (the Coalition Cafe – the band’s “normal” chow hall closes at 8).  I was HUNGRY.  I had some rotisserie chicken – a full 1/2 chicken, and I totally threw table manners out the window.  I just dug into it and didn’t care how much of a mess I made.  Then it was time to head home finally.  I’ve had a nice 45 minutes at home chatting with my friends, and I even got to chat with Ryan for a little bit!!!!  He was home from work early as he had a doctor’s appointment.  I always enjoy when I get to chat with him – and I got to see Robbie on the web cam.  That was a special treat after my long day!

Today’s high:  104

Current:  93 (11:00 p.m.)


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