Early morning for the gig that wasn’t to be

My alarm went off at 0415 this morning.  I had a nice chat with Ryan while I was getting dressed and ready for the day.  I had formation at the band hall at 0545 and I didn’t get breakfast because the chow hall doesn’t open until 0530.  I got my trombone and all my gear ready to go, and once all 5 of us from Desert BBQ were there, we got our equipment and ourselves loaded on the bus for the ride to the airfield.  We were supposed to be flying to a FOB for an Iraqi Army graduation ceremony.  Well, we waited and waited and waited, but we weren’t able to go.  Our flight was grounded because of the weather – more dust.  It didn’t actually look too bad where we were, but where our chopper was coming from I guess it was worse.  I’m kind of glad we didn’t end up going since the dust just got worse through the morning and it would have really stunk if we had gotten there and then not been able to come back with no overnight stuff.  During the 3 1/2 hours that we waited for our flight, I read an entire book from the Cat Who series – The Cat Who Played Brahms.  I also got some pictures, but, yup – you guessed it, the internet isn’t cooperating tonight to upload much.

Eventually our bus came back and picked us up to go back to the band hall.  SFC J let us be off until 1300, so I had a couple hours in my room to relax.  I stopped for lunch on my way to the band hall for the afternoon and boy was I hungry.  I’d been up for 8 hours already and hadn’t had any food.  After lunch I did some supply stuff, had a short meeting with 1SG about some stuff, and then from 3-5 we had salsa band rehearsal.  That went pretty good, but I have a split upper lip and boy did it hurt to play.  I survived though, and no blood in my mouthpiece so that’s a good thing.  After rehearsal was done we did details, I checked my work e-mail one last time and answered a couple, and then it was off to dinner.  After I ate I went to the Battalion mail room to sign for a letter that came insured – it was a phone card (yes, Rick, the one we talked about the other day).  Then it was home for a nice shower, hair washing, and then hair-down time.  I got some stitching done and I chatted with a few friends and family members.  And now it’s not even 10:00 yet and I”m about to go to sleep.  It’s been a long day.

Oooh!  I got a picture to upload.  Here is my latest country.  This is a Major from the Georgian Army.  He likes music and had stopped by the band hall yesterday to see if he could listen to a rehearsal, but there were none going on at the time.

Today’s high:  100 (yup – dust again)
Current:  91 (10:10 p.m.)


2 thoughts on “Early morning for the gig that wasn’t to be

    • Yeah, it happens. I’ve been playing a lot and it’s super dry and when I forget to keep Blistex on my lips when I’m not playing, they dry out and crack sometimes.

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