Lots of music today!

It was another sleepy morning this morning.  And a no breakfast morning AGAIN.  I went to turn in my laundry on my way to the chow hall and first off it was really busy in there and there was actually a line so I had to wait.  And then when it was finally my turn to do my inventory, I didn’t have enough items (you have to have between 25 and 28 items) due to being told conflicting information.  So I walked all the way back to my room and got some more dirty laundry to bring the total up.  By the time I walked back to the laundry place and got my laundry turned in, it was too late to get to the chow hall for breakfast.  I think I’m going to grab and extra cereal once in a while so I can have a stash in my office for just in case.  I don’t like not getting breakfast.

After formation, we had stage band sectionals for about 45 minutes and then a break and then full stage band for the rest of the morning.  Then it was off to lunch, and that was less than exciting.  My tuna melt (wheat bread, swiss or provolone cheese depending on what they have on a given day, and tuna grilled) was too crunchy as the guy running the grills put my sandwich on and then proceeded to go help out on the rest of the sandwich line forgetting about my sandwich.  The macaroni salad was BLAH – can’t win with that stuff; usually they put WAY too much pepper on it.  My sweet tea, well, I think they forgot the sweet part of it.  Even my chocolate cheesecake didn’t taste nearly as good as it looked.  But it was food.  

Then after lunch we had Brass Quintet rehearsal as we have gigs coming up THIS weekend now!  I’m really excited about BQ and I think we’ll be almost as busy as the main BQ.  That will be nice!  And we’ll probably do gigs where we get coins as well, so I can add to my already huge collection of those.  After rehearsal was done, I went and got my quad cons into the Container Management system that I learned about at the class yesterday, and then I had a meeting with SSG E, my higher up in supply.  We just talked about some stuff that needs to be done coming up, how our supply team is working out, some changes, etc.  Then it was time for details and the waiting for the “final word”.  Once that came, I headed off to chow and then home to shower/change and I crocheted on a prayer shawl.  I think I might actually get to bed a little early tonight!

Today’s high:  106 (dust storm is done and the sun is back)
Current:  95 (9:30 p.m.)

3 thoughts on “Lots of music today!

  1. coins

    Tell me a little bit more about these “coins”? Adam got a “coin” from the Secretary of the Air Force when we went to a big fancy West Point dinner. He thought it was really cool, but we weren’t sure what to do with it.

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