A new ensemble!!

I guess I must have been tired.  I slept through PT time this morning.  But it’s ok since PT is done on our own now, and we can do it in the morning or afternoon.  I didn’t even make it to the chow hall in time for breakfast, but I did make it to the Band Hall in time for 0900 formation.  After formation I did some supply stuff until 1030 and then we had our first rehearsal for the second Brass Quintet!  We sounded really good for our first time playing together, and one of the senior NCOs in the unit walked by and was wondering why the Brass Quintet was rehearsing – then he saw it wasn’t the main BQ, but the second one.  We even have a ceremony coming up, so our first gig is only a few weeks away.  The other BQ can’t do it since they have another ceremony in a different location the same day.  Before we knew it, it was time for lunch, and we even played over into lunchtime a bit.  But that’s ok.  I’m happy to be playing in BQ again!

After lunch I walked to the Post Office to mail something (Mom, be on the lookout. . .)  and then it was back to do a bit more supply stuff before heading to the Container Management Class that I have to take to learn how to do monthly reports on our containers (quad cons) – it tracks where they are and that they’re all accounted for.  So this class was at the same time as salsa rehearsal, but I had cleared it with the salsa leader that I’d be coming in during the second half of the rehearsal.  Well, the place the class was supposed to be couldn’t be used as it was a conference room and the conference room table was being fixed.  So they finally found another place to hold the class and I sat near the door so I could “escape” as soon as the class was done.  That turned out to be a bad idea as after the class we had to set up our accounts.  Because I was by the door and the computer was on the other side of the room from the door, I ended up being the last person to do my account.  By the time I got back to the band hall it was 1650 and rehearsal would have been done by the time I got my horn out.  But the group leader understood when I talked to him after.

Then it was time for details and “the last word”.  Shortly after 1800 I called Rick to with him a happy 30th birthday, but I ended up leaving him a message since he couldn’t get to his phone on time (I found that out later when I was chatting with him after I got home).  Then I headed to dinner and then home.  I had a nice relaxing evening and got almost 2 hours of stitching in!  Now I’m heading to bed so I can actually get up and go run in the morning.

Today’s high:  102 (dusty again)
Current:  93 (10:25 p.m.)

2 thoughts on “A new ensemble!!

  1. Glad you were able to get caught up on some sleep! It was nice chatting with you for a bit today online, but work has been keeping me *so* busy. I’m sorry I’m always so distracted!

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