Spring Fling “10K”

I was up at 0500 this morning and met up with several others from the band to go run the Spring Fling “10K’.  We went a little early as our rock band was playing before, at the start, and as everyone was finishing.  They sounded really good, even that early in the morning and on not much sleep.  They had formation at 0330 to load and set up and everything.  It was a sort of dusty day, so there were cooler temps for the race, but then we also had the dust and it was a little windy.  But I managed to keep a pretty even 10:30 pace and I ran well.  After about the first mile I settled into a really comfortable pace and stride.  It was a short 10K, just like the 5K a few weeks ago was a long one.  A true 10K is 6.2 miles, and today’s race was 5.64 according to my GPS.  I finished in 58:57 and got a really cool t-shirt.  CL from the band won – he’s the same guy that won the 5K a few weeks ago.  After the race was shower/change/breakfast and then a relaxing morning just hanging out.  After lunch I headed to work after picking up my laundry.

After formation I took care of a few supply things and then at 1430 we had stage band rehearsal for a couple of hours.  Our first gig is in less than a week and rehearsal wen’t pretty well – we sight read some new charts and worked on some of the others in our folders.  The afternoon actually went by pretty quickly and pretty soon it was 1700 and time to go home or whatever.  I headed over to the chapel to help with sound check and then we had a rehearsal for this evening’s service.  A neat thing that we do before the service (we being Joyful Noez and the Chaplain) is we go in our back room and we have prayer time.  First Chaplain prays for us, and then we all put our hands on Chaplain and one of the JN members will pray for Chaplain.  I think that’s kind of neat.  The service went really well and What a Friend We Have in Jesus went really with just Sarah and me, and our other songs went good, too.  Once the service was done and we had got everything torn down and put away, we headed to the chow hall for ok food and great fellowship.  And then after we were done eating, 8 of us went over to Green Beans to fellowship more and we played Yahtzee.  I ended up winning.  It was a fun time and one of the Chaplain’s Assistants offered to walk me home so I didn’t have to go by myself.  That was nice.  

Now that I’m home, I’m ready for bed and VERY tired after a long day.

Here’s my running ticker for your viewing pleasure. . .

Today’s high:  98 (dusty again)
Current:  90 (11:30 p.m.)