Another salsa day

I slept in this morning.  I had planned on getting up and going for a nice easy 2-3 mile run, but I guess my body had other plans.  I felt pretty good when I woke up, but then I spent almost too much time chatting and doing e-mail and stuff and I had to rush to get to the chow hall on time.  I had 2-3 minutes to spare when I arrived.  LOL  Then it was off to formation after which I held a supply staff meeting to talk about any issues anyone had, reassign a few areas of responsibility, and add a few new people to the Supply Team.  I thought it went well.  Then I did a few e-mails before climbing up into our truck to be the TC (Truck Commander) so we could go to the Battalion motorpool to dispatch them.  I had to go as there was no one else available due to rehearsals and people just not wanting to volunteer.  I always carry a paperback in my cargo pocket, so once we got to the motorpool and the vehicles were being checked by the mechanics and paperwork being done, I sat and read.  I read probably a good 100 pages or so.  Once they were done, we drove back to the band hall, got the vehicles parked and went to lunch.

After lunch we had a salsa hornline rehearsal and we read through more pieces for our set list.  Rehearsal went really well, and it was actually cool since our air conditioner – a really honkin’ big one (I should take a pic. . .) – is working finally!!  I was actually COLD, and then during break I set my trombone down and came back to a trombone-sicle.  LOL  It was kind of nice! (not the trombone-sicle.  just not sweating during rehearsal).  Of course, today we had to deal with dust during rehearsal.  We had a dust storm today, and since it’s just a really big tent that we’re in, some of the dust manages to get in.  But we survived!  After rehearsal I took care of some supply stuff and also went to the PX for a few things.  Of course, they still don’t have PT short in my size – they have tons of smalls and extra-smalls.  Obviously no one wears those sizes.  Finally it was time to do details and then wait for the final word.  And then I went to dinner and then back to the band hall to call Ryan and Robbie.  Robbie had to tell me all about his new fishing pole and how Daddy was going to take him fishing.  It’s always nice to talk to them and hear their voices.  Of course, I cried when Robbie said “Mommy, are you coming home soon?  I really miss you.”  It was really sweet, but sad at the same time.  I miss both of them, and wish I could be there with them.  But I need to do my job here and soon enough I’ll get to go home to them.  There are probably some days when everyone gets tired of  me talking about them all the time, but oh well.  What else am I supposed to talk about?  LOL

Then it was home to stitch and chat with Mom.  I don’t get to chat with her much if at all during the week, so it’s always nice when I get to chat with her about girl things on the weekends.  And I chatted with a few other friends as well.  Off to bed now as I’m getting up early in the morning to go run a 10K.

Today’s High:  98 (we had a dust storm, so it was cool out)
Current:  86 (11:10 p.m.)

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