A productive day!!

 Today was a pretty good day!  I ran 4.05 miles in 42:58 for PT this morning.  It was a little slow, but it was still a good run.  I turned in laundry to be washed.  I had Cocoa Puffs with chocolate milk (along with my usual fruits and swiss cheese) for breakfast.  And then after formation the fun began!  I handed out tags to everyone for their instruments with strict instructions – last name and instrument serial number written on both sides of the tag and then attached to the handle.  Instruments were to be put in one central location once they were done.  Then I put all the instruments that aren’t signed for/not in use into a tympani case (we use them for small instruments when we deploy as we don’t take the tymps with us).  Then I got one of the drummers to help me and we rearranged and straightened the corner where percussion stuff is stored.  We brought several empty cases out to the quad con for storage.  And then I put all the signed for/in use instruments into one row nice and neat by section.  It looked a lot better in there.  I should have taken a pic today – I’ll try and remember tomorrow.  I wonder how long they will stay that way.

That took me until about 1100 and I decided that I was going to take a break until lunch and so I got onmy computer and checked e-mails and stuff.  After lunch I went and found a nice quiet spot and “practiced” my salsa music by listening to my iPod and singing my parts along with the recordings.  Then we had salsa rehearsal at 3 and that went really well.  Once salsa was done, it was time for details and then wait for our final word from our MST leaders.  Then it was dinner, and I actually could go right home after!  That sure was nice for a change.  I got some stitching done on a new project that I’ve been wanting to start for several years.  I only did about 45 minutes, so not enough done yet for a pic.

So back in Afghanistan you may remember that I got pictures of me with soldiers from other countries.  I’ve decided to continue that here, and I got my first country today.
Here’s me with 2 soldiers from El Salvador.

Today’s high:  104
Current:  93 (10:10 p.m.)


One thought on “A productive day!!

  1. I was just going to ask you if you were going to continue the tradition! =) Read my mind, that’s scary. LOL Miss you BUNCHES!!! Hopefully we can catch up this weekend =) Love you!!

    Ash =)

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