Today went pretty fast

We ran 2 miles of intervals this morning and it went pretty well.  My pace was still wierd, but not as bad as yesterday.  It’s just like I’m sluggish or something.  I hope whatever it is goes away before this weekend’s 10K.  It was slower than last week’s intervals as well, but it was a good workout nonetheless.  After breakfast and formation, I did some e-mails and then we did another part of the 100% inventory this morning.  We did all the sound equipment and that went really smoothly since our Sound NCO does a great job of getting everything laid out and knowing where it is and on what page in the property book.  The rest of the morning before lunch was done doing some paperwork and more e-mails.

After I ate lunch, I went back to my room so I could pick up laundry from the laundry point and pick up my duffel bag to bring to the band hall.  Then at 1300 we had a hornline salsa rehearsal and it went pretty good.  We looked at some new tunes past the 3 we’ve been working on.  At 1400 I went and opened up a few quad cons as we’re allowing members of the unit to store stuff in them (long-term storage).  I put my duffel bag in there – it has all my cold weather clothes in it.  Not going to need those for a while.  Then it was back to salsa rehearsal until 1500.  I walked up to the Battalion mail room and actually got the package they couldn’t find yesterday.  I got new running socks from so that was a good package!  Now I have 6 pairs of running socks.  I would like to order 3 more pair still, and a new pair of running shoes, and a pair of good walking shoes.  I need something other than my running shoes for non-PT times when I’m in PT uniform.  My running shoes are just dying from walking on the rocks/gravel all the time.  By the time I got back from the mail room, I remembered that I needed to send an e-mail to my roommate with some computer serial numbers – she’s a supply sergeant from another company in the Battalion and we got some new computers and they’re still on her books and she needs to laterally transfer them to our books.  Once I was done with that it was time for details and waiting.  We have to wait until the senior leaders are done with their daily afternoon meeting with Chief and Top before we can go home for the day.

Once we were done, I headed to the chow hall for dinner and then back to the band hall to get a couple of PX bags of stuff I needed to bring home – you can’t take bags into the chow hall.  After I got home and showered and into PTs, I pretty much finished my room.  I got MY sheets and blankets on my bed and will turn in my issued linens tomorrow morning.  I still don’t have my curtain up at the end of my bed, but I need to figure on that some and figure out how I’m going to attach the 550 cord.

I did take some pictures of my room, so I’ll leave you with pictures again this evening!
This one is me during salsa rehearsal this afternoon.  I leave my camera on the floor next to me and tell people to take it once in a while and get some pics of me as well.  Usually I’m on the backside of it and don’t get pics of me.

Here’s a view of my half of the room from the door – I was actually standing outside about 3 feet from my trailer.

And here is the view from the head of my bed.

Today’s high:  106
Current: 91 – yup, got it working again!  I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling it and it seems to work now.


2 thoughts on “Today went pretty fast

  1. Love the blanket!

    Wish I could find fabric like that, I’d make one of those puppies! LOVE rag-tie blankets!

    Hey, is there anything you’d like in a care package? Cleaning stuff, goodies, drink mixers (singles, of course, for your water bottles)…magazines…Let me know? I’ll send a box and you can either keep it all or distribute it to the band folks.

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