Tuesday again

Today was Tuesday. Nothing really noteworthy happened. NJ and I ran for PT this morning. I did 3.64 miles and he ran the 2 mile loop a second time. It was a sluggish run this morning – finished in 38:40, very slow for me for this route. Just from the run this morning I could tell we were going to have a dusty day – I could almost taste the dust as I was running. And sure enough, I emerged from my room after changing and it was pretty dusty. After morning formation we had stage band rehearsal and that went really well. You could definitely tell that the trombones, trumpets, and saxes have been practicing and having sectionals. After lunch I took a Gator and went to visit one of my fellow Supply Sergeants in the Battalion and I got my 2 tuff boxes that were shipped with his stuff. They contain sensitive items and those require extra paperwork, escorts, etc. and he was nice enough to let us piggy-back with him since we didn’t have much. I got them into the band hall and then I walked to a place so I could check on the procedure for registering our quad cons here (tracking system so they know where all the containers are). I got that info and then back to the band hall again. Then I went to the PX and bought some hangers, some envelopes, and a Gatorade. I was thirsty after all that lifting and walking. That took up most of the afternoon, and then I did some e-mails and stuff to finish out the day. I went to dinner and my buddy from Basic Training (from now on to be known as CR) saw us in there so he joined us.

Then it was home to my CHU and I got my room a little more organized. I got some stuff out of my tuff box, rearranged what was left in it (1/2 of it is yarn for prayer shawls, baby stuff, and dishcloths), and put some more stuff in it from the boxes I mailed myself. I still have one more box to do, but I’ll do that tomorrow, along with stripping my bed and putting MY sheets and blankets on it! For some reason I have sheets but no pillow cases, so if anyone has any stray pillowcases laying around, I could use 2 or 3 of them. I also have my teddy bear from Ryan finally, so it’ll be nice snuggling with my bear again when I go to bed! Once I was done organizing I chatted with some friends and I crocheted on a prayer shawl. It was a nice relaxing – and home early – evening for a change!

I’ll leave you with a few pictures this evening. I got these from some of the guys in Joyful Noez.
Here’s one of part of the group – I’m on the right end.

Here is the front of the new chapel. Sunday was our first service in there. It is Hope Chapel.

And here is the inside of the chapel. If you look really carefully at the right side of the picture, you can see me again.

And since I forgot on Sunday, here’s my running ticker so you can see my progress.


Today’s high:  106
Current:  No idea.  I’m still trying to figure out why it’s not working.

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