A ceremony, CQ, and chapel

Today began VERY early.  We had formation at 0445 because we were moving into our permanent rooms today.  Even if we weren’t moving we had to be there to help those that were moving.  I’m not moving and I’ll be keeping my same roommate that I’ve had.  We’ll make it work once we get the room rearranged with the wall lockers in the middle so we have a bit of privacy.  I helped NJ move his stuff and it took all of one trip.  Then he let me go back to bed and I slept for another hour and a half.  When I got up again and into uniform, I turned in a bag of laundry and picked up a bag of laundry that has been ready for a couple of days and I just haven’t have time to pick it up.  Then it was off to the chow hall via the band hall to drop off my backpack with all my stuff in it.  Of course, the chow hall is between the band hall and home, but we can’t take bags into the chow hall.

We had formation at 0830 and had a short rehearsal on the Anthems and the 3ID, 10th Mountain, and Army Songs and then we loaded up the truck with our instruments and we got on a bus and headed to the ceremony site.  Today was our TOA Ceremony (Transfer of Authority), and 10th Mountain officially took over.  The ceremony was about an hour long and not bad, but I am glad we were seated for it.  Everything was translated into Iraqi, including the 3 speeches.  There were LOTS of General Officers there, incluing our 4-star.  We all got coins from the 3ID Commander, so that was kind of cool.

Once back to the band hall, I got my trombone put away and headed off to lunch.  At 1230 I took over at CQ for the next 24 hours.  It was a pretty quiet afternoon and the phone didn’t ring at all.  I got relieved for chow about 1715 and CB (tomorrow’s CQ, today’s chow relief) hooked me up and gave me a long chow so I could go to chapel.  I got to the chapel just before prayer time and then we ran through each of our songs for this evening.  The service was awesome, and I wasn’t even nervous with the microphone even with probablyc lose to 100 in attendance!  I’m so glad I’ve been led to this group, and I love hanging out with all of them.  We did have to say goodbye to one of our vocalists this week, but we’re also happy for him as he’s going home.  After the service we went to the chow hall and had a good dinner and fellowship together.

Then it was back to the band hall to finish out my evening.  I called Mom & Dad and I got some stitching done on both of my projects.  A couple of the members of Joyful Noez had gone to Green Beans after dinner for coffee, and they brought me something!  I’m not quite sure what it was, but it was good.  Oh, and I got to watch the NASCAR race!!  Off to bed now since I need to be up in 4 1/2 hours again.

Today’s high:  106

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