A long, but productive day

No PT this morning so I got to sleep in a little bit.  We had formation at 0830 so we could rehearse a little bit before we headed over to the ceremony rehearsal.  It’s a very high profile ceremony, so it was full band for the rehearsal – and it took all morning.  We got our instruments and chairs loaded on our truck and then walked over to the ceremony site where we unloaded the truck and got set up.  We played some, but not a whole lot during the 2 run-throughs of the ceremony.  It’s going to be long – everything, including the speeches, is going to be translated into Iraqi.  We finished up about 11:30 or so and got the truck loaded and walked back to the band hall and unloaded the truck.  We got an extra half hour for lunch since we were leaving a half hour late (so it really was the same length of time, just 1/2 hour later than normal).

After lunch our inventory continued and we discovered more discrepancies and stuff we’ll have to do paperwork on and/or track down.  Then after that we were pretty much done for the day, but we had to wait until Chief and Top got back from a meeting so they could put out information for our move tomorrow into our permanent rooms.  I’m probably in the room I’ll be in, with the same roommate, but we’ll make do once we get the room rearranged and divided somewhat.  I kind of like this room – it’s fairly close to the latrine and showers, and we’re on an end and not in the middle so there’s only neighbors on one side.

I was chow relief for the CQ this evening, so after formation, I sat in the CQ area for a while so the CQ could go eat dinner.  Once he was back, I headed out to dinner and ended up sitting with a couple of female Captains from our Battalion.  I knew one of them because she’s the UMO for her company.  They’re both really nice and we had a good chat, and then they offered to let me walk back with them since I was by myself and it was dark by the time we were done eating.  It’s always nice talking with different people once in a while.

So once back I got a shower and changed into PTs and was able to even get a little bit of stitching in.  Now it’s bedtime – or past since I have to get up EARLY tomorrow.  Everyone (band) has to be at formation at 0445 even if we’re not moving.  We “get” to help everyone else move.  But that’s ok – I told NJ that I’d help him move.

Today’s High:  104
Current:  93 (10:55 p.m.)

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