My first Praise Team rehearsal!!

We went to the gym for Yoga again this morning, and that was a nice relaxing time.  I like ending my week this way.  Then we stopped for breakfast on our way home.  After formation we had Stage Band sectionals because we didn’t have a full band to rehearse with.  Some of the Soldiers in our unit have started moving to their permanent CHUs.  I haven’t moved yet – maybe tomorrow, but Sunday for sure.  Our sectional went well.  Then it was lunchtime.  I had my (pretty much) usual of a tuna sandwich on wheat bread with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and black olives, something from the salad bar (usually kimchi), and something to drink (usually sweet tea with no ice).

After lunch we had to show our pro-masks to our NBC guys so they could make sure they were all accounted for inventory tomorrow.  Then I did some other supply stuff for the rest of the afternoon.  It was kind of a long afternoon, but I had something to look forward to!  Once we had had a put-out-information formation and details were done, I headed over to the Chapel to help get set up for rehearsal.

Tonight was my first rehearsal with Joyful Noez (the o has the 2 dots over it) – the Praise Team for the chapel service I attend.  What a great group of people!!  We have a civilian contractor, an Australian Soldier, U.S. Soldiers, and U.S. Airmen.  After we had finished setting up, we went into one of the classrooms for prayer time.  Our leader took prayer requests and praises – went around the room and everyone had a chance to talk about what’s going on in their lives right now – and then we prayed.  We did popcorn prayer, so after one guy started, it was just whoever had anything to pray about and then the guy that started the prayer ended it.  Then it was rehearsal time.  It was a little disorganized, but it’s our first week in the new chapel.  I’m one of the vocalists, and it was such an awesome experience singing and worshiping God.  Even singing into a microphone didn’t bother me.  Of course, Sunday evening when the chapel is full might be a different story, but we’ll see.  We rehearsed all the songs for Sunday and then after we tore down, we all (well, those that could) went to the chow hall for dinner together.  Before we eat, we all hold hands in a big circle at our table and someone prays and blesses our food.  Right in the middle of the chow hall!  I’m really glad I was led to sing in this group, and I think I’m going to have an awesome time over the next months.  One of the guys walked me home since I need to have a battle buddy after dark.  

Well, between rehearsal going until 2040 and then dinner, it was after 10 when I got back to the LSA, and then I chatted with one of my fellow Supply Sergeants from the Battalion for a while – been trying to get ahold of him via e-mail because I had some questions for him, but his e-mail wasn’t working until today so that’s why he wasn’t answering me.  Now I’m heading to bed – it’s almost midnight.

Today’s High:  106
Current:  93 (11:40 p.m.)

One thought on “My first Praise Team rehearsal!!

  1. Sounds like you are settling in and keeping busy. Glad you found a yoga class, I sure enjoy mine. I think about you and keep you in my prayers.


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