A really good day

I ran yet again for PT this morning.  A friend from another company from Battalion was going to run with me, but I guess he slept in.  So I went exploring around camp by myself.  It was a nice run, although it ended up being a little shorter than my usual runs – only 2.77 miles.  But I got to see different parts of camp and I didn’t even get lost!  Then it was my usual morning routine.

After breakfast and formation, I did e-mails and other computer stuff for the morning.  Then after lunch I went and sat on my tuff box in the back of the rehearsal hall and put my iPod on to listen to my salsa music.  I had my music so I could see it and hear it, and then I sang along as well.  We had rehearsal this afternoon and it went really well, I think.  Our first 2 tunes are really starting to come together, and number 3 has a decent start.  My listening and singing really helped.  I played a lot better than last time we had rehearsal and I hadn’t even touched my horn.  I think I’m going to start playing along with my iPod and go that route as well.  Once rehearsal was done, it was details and then we headed to the chow hall.  I had to stop back at the band hall before heading home so I could get a box (mail) that I needed to bring to my room.

I had a nice relaxing evening in my room – updated my MySpace page a little, but I can’t get the rest of the updates to go.  The internet is being slow tonight I think.  And I stitched for a little over an hour!  Now it’s computer/chatting time and then off to bed.

Today’s High:  100
Current:  91 (9:50 p.m.)

One thought on “A really good day

  1. thanks

    I just want to say thanks to all of you soldiers for what you are doing and the freedoms it allow us! Also thanks to your son and husband and the sacrafices they make.

    I have been reading your pages for a while and if there is anything we can send to help make it easier for you let me know. We are doing soldier pkgs for our homeschool service project. Let me know at mmymnstr@aol.com


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