A much better day

We went for a 3.64 mile run this morning for PT.  It was the same route, but it just depends on where I start and stop.  It was a little slower today – finished in 39:00.  But after the 4 yesterday, it was a nice recovery run.  Intervals are up tomorrow so that will be fun!  Then it was off to shower/breakfast and then formation.  After formation we had stage band sectionals, and I think our trombone sectional went fairly well.  We worked some on intonation and rhythms of course.  That took us almost until lunch, so I just did a few quick e-mails and then headed out to lunch.  I had the stir fry today – you get to pick what you want in it.  It was a chicken day (some days they have beef), so I had that and rice, mixed veggies, green peppers, onions, bean sprouts, mushrooms, and then garlic and chili powder for seasonings.  It was really good, but it was  HUGE amount of food.  I didn’t even eat half of it.

After lunch we had a short ceremonial band rehearsal to go over some of the music for our upcoming ceremony.  That went well and then it was off to my office to do some supply work.  I set up a few new hand receipts to help with our system of property accountability.  Midway through the afternoon, I went to meet up with the Battalion UMO, and we went to make the necessary arrangements to get my last 2 quad cons moved to our band area.  We finally found the office we were looking for and I got the information we needed.  We thought we still needed to uncouple the quad cons, so the forklift driver met us by the containers, but we discovered that they had been uncouple already.  That was nice!  So I found out what I needed to do to get a flatbed truck and I headed off to that office – the BN UMO went back since I knew what I needed to do.  I got to the office I was looking for and they gave me the information I needed to get the flatbed.  Then it was back to the band hall to call to make the arrangements for the truck, and then back to the container yard to make sure the forklift would be available at the same time my truck would be showing up.  But at least that’s done and I know when my containers will be in the band yard.

By then, it was time to go to dinner.  My friend from basic training met me and we went to eat together.  It was nice catching up on the past almost 9 years over dinner at the chow hall.  He had to go back to work after, so he headed back there and I went home to crochet.  I also got to chat with my friend

.  I always like chatting with her, and I can’t wait until I get to meet her in person when I get home.

Wow.  It’s almost 2300.  I guess I should probably get some sleep.

Today’s high:  99
Current:  90 (10:45 p.m.)

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