Yup. It was Monday. Oh, and Happy Memorial Day!

PT was good this morning so at least I had a good start to my day.  Bravo Team met at the band hall at 0600 so we could go run the 2 mile PT test route for familiarization – most of the team hadn’t even seen it yet.  So I ran to the band hall from my CHU and that was a half mile.  Then we ran from the band hall to the start point and that was a little over a half mile.  Then I ran the 2 mile loop and ran home.  My total was 4.04 miles and I did it in 40:09.  I took another 30 seconds per mile off my pace since last Wednesday.  Of course, the first mile was split up, but still, it wasn’t bad.  Maybe by the time I leave here, I’ll be able to get down to an 8 to 8 1/2 minute mile for 4-5 miles.  We’ll see. . .

I had a nice chat with Ryan after I had gotten back and showered.  I always enjoy when he’s online and I get to chat with him.  Then it was off to breakfast and to formation.  I spent the morning doing pretty much nothing except answering a few e-mails.  Then lunch.  Then after lunch it was more of the same until 3 when we had Salsa Band rehearsal.  We just did a horn line sectional today with a little bit of rhythm to keep the time.  I think the rehearsal in and of itself went ok, but there were a few things that stressed me out.  I’ll live, though.

Then after details and our final information gaggle for the evening (which seems to be getting later and later each day), I headed to the new chapel to help the praise team get the sound equipment and everything set up over there.  Then it was off to chow and that was kind of relaxing once I was finally able to enjoy it.  Our jazz combo played for Memorial Day and that was nice to listen to.  It finally relaxed me from the stress of the day.

I finally got back to my room about 8:50 and my roommate greets me with “Gee, you’re out awfully late.”  Whatever.  Like it’s any of her business what time I get in.  Of course, I got the same thing last night after I got home from chapel and dinner so I should have expected it.  Another week and then I’ll be moving in with my band roommate and I can get settled finally.  I had a nice relaxing shower and now I’m snuggled up in bed with my computer.  Time to hit the hay!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and took a moment to remember what it’s all about.  It’s not just about BBQs and getting together with families and friends.  Please remember that you have the freedom to do those things because my brothers and sisters in arms and I are over here fighting so that you may have those freedoms.  So when you see a Servicemember or a Veteran today, please thank them for their service.  And especially take a moment to remember those that have given the ultimate sacrifice so that you can sit by your BBQ, flipping your burgers, and drinking your beer.

Today’s High:  97 – a cool day!
Current – 90 (10:15 p.m.)

2 thoughts on “Yup. It was Monday. Oh, and Happy Memorial Day!

  1. 8:50 is late? Heck some nights I don’t get home until after 11! So she just goes back to the CHU and sits there all night – sounds like you have more fun and will make the time go quicker!

    I went to a Memorial Day service today (as I always do) and I was glad to see more people there than other years – but still so few considering the size of the community – and most places didn’t even fly their flags at 1/2 staff until noon. I almost thing people should get a license to own and fly a flag so they do it with proper etiquette.

    Rich W.

  2. Amen Lani! I come from a family of veterans and I appreciate every day what they, you and all military do to keep me and my family with the freedoms we have.

    Bless you my friend!!

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