A long, slow day

Today was sleep-in Saturday.  We don’t have to do PT on Saturdays if we don’t want to, so I took the opportunity to sleep in a couple of extra hours.  I got up about 7 and chatted with Ryan as I was getting ready for the day.  I stopped and dropped off my laundry on my way to the chow hall for breakfast on my way to the band hall.  After formation I was in charge of a detail to move water.  We get pallets of bottles of water delivered to us each week, and one pallet full had been brought inside yesterday when it was delivered, but put in the wrong spot.  So that got moved to the correct storage spot and then we moved the other pallet inside.  There’s 12 bottles of water in a case and I think there’s 20 cases on a pallet.  I’ll let you do the math on how many bottles of water we go through around here.  That task took about 15 minutes, if that.  The only other thing I had to do this morning was type up a couple of documents and then gather signatures for them.  That took about 45 minutes, only because I had to redo them a couple of times to get them completely correct.  That took me almost to lunch, so I sent a few e-mails to finish out the morning.

After lunch was long.  I went to the Ed Center to see about continuing or restarting my masters degree.  There is some paperwork that I need to sign and have my commander sign for my tuition assistance.  And I’m going to have to call back to Ft. Drum (or e-mail) and talk to an education counselor before I can do anything else.  So that trip next door to the Ed Center was pretty useless.  I spent the afternoon researching possible masters degrees, but didn’t really get anywhere with that.  I just don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.  I’d really like to get a masters in music or something sports/fitness/exercise related.  At 3 we had a short rehearsal of the Iraqi National Anthem for our upcoming ceremony and then it was try and look busy for the rest of the afternoon.  I could have taken my horn out and maybe looked at my salsa music, but I just didn’t feel like playing today.  It was finally time for our end-of-the-day information gaggles by MST and then we were done.  I went to dinner which was bleh tonight and then back to the band hall to get my helmet and ballistic glasses for a class we have to go to tomorrow.  Then it was CHU Sweet CHU.  I had nice chats with Ryan, Mom, and my friend A, and I got to watch Robbie on the webcam.  And I stitched.  Now I’m ready to head off to dreamland.

Today’s High:  109
Current: 93 (10:45 p.m.)