Starting to get into a routine

We went to the gym for PT this morning and worked our abs.  I did probably close to 400 crunches,  some flutter kicks, situps, etc.  We did do a little bit of pushups, but it was ab focus.  I’m going to be feeling it tomorrow probably.  I stopped for breakfast on my way home from the gym and I saw another face from the past.  CH Triplett, one of my Chaplains (and my reenlisting officer) from Korea, is here with 3ID.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to him, but I hope I see him again before he leaves here in the next few weeks.

After changing and stuff, I had some time on my computer for e-mail and message boards and stuff and that was nice being able to relax for a bit.  The rest of the morning went by pretty quickly.  We had ceremony music rehearsal after formation and we did it outside to start getting used to standing in formation in the heat.  Besides our instruments and music, we were all required to have a bottle of water with us as well.  It wasn’t too bad and we actually sounded good (not the best, but still not as bad as I expected after everyone being off their horns for probably 3 weeks).  Then after rehearsal, I spent the rest of the morning working with my expendables (after the supply shop meeting we had).

For the first 2 hours after lunch, I finished my area.  It looks WAY better than what it did when I started.  It could still use some tweaking, but I’ve got 15 months to get it the way I like it.  LOL  Then we had Latin/Salsa Band rehearsal.  We just listened to lots of music today and had our music so we could follow along.  Being in this group is going to be a challenge for me, but it’s also going to be lots of fun.  We’ll be getting CDs of the music so we can listen to it, and I’ll start taking my iPod to work and I can practice along with the music.  At 5 we did our building cleanups and got the “last words” for the day (any info that needed to be put out) and then we were done.  Dinner was pretty decent tonight – I had chicken cordon bleu and mashed potatoes and corn.  Now, I like to mix my corn into my ‘taters, and boy did I get a funny look from the serving guy when I asked him to put my corn in the same section of my plate as my taters.  But he did it.  🙂

Now I’ve stitched for a while and am doing my pre-bedtime computer stuff.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures. . .
Members of the 10th Mountain Division Band outside our new “home”

View from the front of the Band Hall

Front of the band hall

And finally, the deep end of the pool, taken from up on the pool deck

Today’s High:  105
Current Temp:  90 (at 2230)

6 thoughts on “Starting to get into a routine

  1. mashed potatoes and corn

    That is the only way that I eat mashed potatoes is with corn. I like the pictures.


  2. Thanks for the pics Lani. I can’t believe it’s that hot there. I hope you’re doing ok. Thinking of you and praying for you.

    Sandy M.

  3. Hello sweet lady!

    I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the pics. I can’t imagine tolerating those temps whatsoever. And mashed potatoes and corn is a great comnbo! LOL

    Stay safe sweetie. Looking forward to more writings. God bless.


  4. Hi there

    Lani I love reading how you are doing and what you are up too. The pics are great too. Try and keep cool

    Ann in MO from Shelleys board

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