Weigh in, ceremony, rehearsal, & a photo

 I must have been super tired last night.  I was sure I had posted, but I guess not.  So yesterday started with a weigh-in.  I assisted with the body fat taping for the 2 females that needed it.  The female that usually does it (and works in training) has already headed to Iraq as part of the Advanced Party.  Once we were done, it was home to change and eat and then back for formation.  We had a change of command ceremony.  The ceremony itself went really well (other than a member of the color guard falling out), but getting there is a whole different story.  We didn’t have a bus because the bus we had on Friday had gotten turned in.  So a bus was gotten for us and we got on quick and headed to the gym where the ceremony was, got off the bus and inside, tuned, formed up , and started playing pre-music.  Usually we have about 15 minutes of downtime after we arrive.  But at least we made it.  After lunch I had a UMO meeting for flight coordination information.  I still have no information about the band flights, but even if I did, I couldn’t tell you here.  After that was done and I got back to my supply office, I found out that we had been released if there was nothing going on, but to make sure we had our phones on until at least 1700 just in case.  So I got Robbie and we headed home.  I made spaghetti for supper and while I was cooking Ryan and Robbie went outside to play catch and for Robbie to ride his bike in the parking lot.

This morning was the unit Record PT Test.  I was one of the graders.  It’s not really all that hard being a grader – you just need to make sure that the Soldiers are performing their pushups and situps correctly and then count how many they do.  After that was done, we had a longer than usual time for shower/change/eat, so that was nice.  And I was already in my ACUs, so I didn’t even have to change.  Then it was back for a music rehearsal for tomorrow’s ceremony.  After that I took care of an issue with a Soldier and then I got changed into my Class A uniform so I could go get my DA Photo taken.  It is a part of my promotion board packet for being looked at for Sergeant First Class.  I’ll get my first look (the board looks at the photo and the Soldier’s records and evaluation reports) for SFC next January or February so I wanted to make sure I got this done before I deployed.  The whole process took about 20 minutes and then it was back to supply to change back into ACUs and try and look busy for the rest of the afternoon.  Finally about 1530 I got the word that we could leave, so I let my Soldiers know and I headed home, stopping for Robbie on my way.  We played for a while and I got some of my stuff together since I have to bring it all in tomorrow for inspection (to make sure we have everything we’re supposed to).  We went to the Chinese buffet place for dinner.

After Robbie was in bed, I finished up a project I’ve been working on and took a shower.  Then I ripped more CDs into my iTunes and read a few newspapers while we watched TV.

High:  45
Low:  32  
Current:  39 – where did summer go?

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