Ryan was actually up before I was this morning.  Once I got up, I got breakfast (cinnamon rolls) in the oven and then went up to get my Class A uniform set up.   Breakfast was good and then we headed to church – me wearing my uniform.  Jeff & Heather were there already and Jeff wore his uniform as well (pre-planned).  I got my trombone put together and then started pacing the hallway.  I was more nervous this morning than usual – don’t know why.  But the service went well and I played after the offering as the Special Music for the morning.  The church has really good acoustics and I enjoyed playing in there.  Everyone enjoyed my playing (I did my Favorite Hymn Medley like I did at home in Michigan) and they even applauded after.  I get a little uncomfortable when they do that, but I survived.  Pastor Tim did a special prayer for Jeff and me for safety on our deployment..  After the service everyone was coming up to us to thank me for playing and to wish me and Jeff well on our deployment.

After we left, J & H and the three of us headed to our respective homes to change and then we all met up at Applebees in Watertown for lunch.  Robbie had to sit between Jeff & Heather of course.  He’s so cute!  We had good food and good conversation and then we headed home when we were done.  I started some laundry and then started getting my stuff together to pack.  I’m at about 60% right now, I think.  I still have to go buy a few more things, so I’ll do that at the PX tomorrow.  I didn’t actually start packing anything – just gathering and putting in the bag it will be packed in.  I finally called it quits and went down and watched the end of the NASCAR race with my guys.  Since lunch had been late, we didn’t eat supper again.  After Robbie was in bed, I called Mom & Dad and stitched and watched some TV.

Off to bed now.  I have my PT test in the morning.

High:  67
Low:  47
Current:  56 and clear

3 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. When are you deploying? Soon? EEP. Do you know your future address yet? I want to try to put together a care package! You need to hurry up and come back so we can run together and bake cinnamon rolls and whatnot. 🙂

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