The colors have been cased

 I ran a quick 2 miles on the treadmill at the gym for PT this morning.  I just wanted to get an idea where I was at since I have a record PT test on Monday.  I ran it in 18:15.  If I can take a minute off by Monday, I should be able to get my PT patch.  Then after breakfast and stuff at home, I headed back for ceremony formation and rehearsal.  We only played through a few pieces and then headed out to the field for our Deployment Ceremony.  Ryan and Robbie came – as did most of the other wives and families.  There was a whole band section in the bleachers and that was nice having all of our families there.  This ceremony was our send-off for our deployment.  They cased the Division and Battalion colors (flags) which signifies the beginning of our transition to Iraq.  The Division Commander’s speech lasted about 3 minutes – too bad they all can’t be like that.  Then the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army (a 4-star General) spoke.  And then the governor of the State of New York.  His speech was really good – so many speakers read their speeches and some of them sound like it’s the first time they’ve ever seen it.  Well, our governor is blind, so he actually spoke to us instead of reading to us.  Robbie was really good through the whole ceremony and spent most of it sitting on Jeff’s lap (not enough sousaphones left back here for him to play on it).

After the ceremony, it was lunchtim so I ate and got a little bit of stitching done.  But I was so tired, I decided to take a nap and I slept for about 15 minutes with my head on my desk.  We had another formation after lunch and then the afternoon kind of dragged on.  I had my Soldiers paint more duffel bags (the bottoms get spray painted tan and then stenciled in black with name, last 4 of the SSN, unit, and division) for our new Soldiers in the unit.  Finally it was time for job formation.  We had the monthly retirement ceremony this afternoon.  That ceremony went well also, and once we were done with that, we were done for the day.  I stopped for gas on my way home – Ryan had already picked Robbie up.  I called and ordered pizza and once I got home, we didn’t have to wait long to eat.  We had a picnic on the living room floor again.  Then we played for a while after supper, and after Robbie was in bed, it was stitching and TV time.

High:  75
Low:  42
Current:  65

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