All gone!

 This morning started off with “hurry up and wait” at the Battalion Aid Station – no PT because of it.  We had to get our PPD plant done – for our TB tests.  Once they got organized and figured out which end was up, things went quickly and smoothly.  I was done and back to my supply office shortly after 7:30.  I got changed in to my duty uniform out of PTs (I don’t know why we had to be in PTs – we were the only company there in PT uniform.  But whatever. . .) and I stitched for a while before 0930 formation.  I needed to be available at the band hall from 0730 until. . . so I could be ready to go escort the truck that was coming to pick up my quad cons.  So I went to formation.  Then I went back to my office and didn’t do much.  Finally, minutes before I was going to open my lunchbox and eat my lunch, I got the call.  The truck is here, come and escort it to your area.  *roll eyes*  So I went and met the truck and led him to our parking lot.  He was a really neat guy – 71 years young and has been driving tractor-trailer for 54 years.  We talked all about his family – over 30 when his whole family is together.  His wife cooks 3 or 4 HUGE turkeys for their holiday dinners.  All this while we were waiting for the RTCH to show up – that driver was on lunch break.  How come he gets to eat lunch and I don’t?  LOL  So he showed up and it took all of 5 minutes for him to get my last 4 quad cons up onto the flatbed trailer.  Then the truck driver got them all strapped down, and he was gone.  I go back inside, and there is 5 minutes left to our lunch hour and a half.  But I ate anyway.  There wasn’t anything going on and I didn’t have any work to do, so I ate and surfed the web a little bit.  I didn’t get my stitching project done like I had hoped to.

Once I was done eating, I gathered up necessary paperwork and headed up to the Battlion security office to finish my security check paperwork.  I had been waiting on one bit of information and I got that e-mail on Friday, but too late to take care of it that day.  So I got that submitted after making a few minor changes which I could do right there in the security guy’s office.  Then he fingerprinted me and I was done!  Now I just wait – I’ll get an interim secret and then eventually I’ll have a full Secret Clearance.  After I was done there, I went back to my office to do a quick check of work e-mail – nothing – so I left and came home early.  I picked Robbie up on the way, and Ryan made corndogs for an early supper.  After we ate, we headed back to post for the Pre-Deployment Briefing which was at 6.

Now, they had free childcare for during the briefing.  No one had told us that it wasn’t at the briefing site.  So after we found out where it was, I left with Robbie to bring him to the daycare center where the childcare was being done – finally found the right place on the 3rd try.  So we go in.  Robbie’s not on the list of kids that had been signed up for care for during the briefings.  They let him in anyway, so that was good.  Of course, by now I’m running late and I didn’t really get to do a good-bye like I’d wanted where I stay for a few minutes and help Robbie discover where different toys are and stuff.  But he survived, and I got to the briefing and they started a few minutes late so I was still on time – more or less.  There was lots of great information put out, and the spouses and family members got to meet all of the Battalion Staff and our command team and everything.  It lasted about an hour and a half, and there were also representatives from various agencies on post that help Soldiers and their Families.  Ryan picked up a lot of freebies and lots of other good information.  We finally got back to pick Robbie up about 8:15 and he had had a great time.  He did fingerpaints and a puppet show and played with trucks and all kinds of stuff.

We got home about 9 and got Robbie up to bed, and now I’m heading up as well.  Tomorrow is going to be an early day and go long.

High:  39 (current)
Low:  32