A very nice day!!

Today was a wonderful day – weather and in general!  We were all up about 8:30 and got dressed for church.  We left about 9:30 to go early for coffee and donut fellowship time.  I don’t know where they got the donuts from but they were HUGE and really good.  Robbie had one and Ryan and I each had 2.  They had milk to drink as well as coffee, so those that don’t drink coffee had something to drink.  Then the service started at 10:30 instead of 11 because it was the annual meeting.  Instead of doing the meeting after the service, it was done throughout the service.  A bit different, and made the service a little longer, but if you think about it, we would have been there just as long if they did it after the service.  They didn’t have junior church today, but Robbie did go to the nursery about halfway through.  I gave him a choice – stay and be quiet for a while more or go play with the toys in the nursery.  The Pastor’s wife was in there today, and she even had snacks for the kids.  Robbie enjoyed it and he had sat and colored quietly for the first hour.

After the service, we spent our normal 15-20 minutes chatting with other members.  One lady has several-many kids and she or one or more of the kids will be coming over to take care of the cats while we’re home in MI.  It’s nice having someone local to do that instead of having someone drive from Ft. Drum or Watertown.  She’ll be stopping by some evening this week to get a key and see where the food is and stuff.  Then Jeff and Heather and the three of us went to the Chatterbox Diner for lunch.  Good food and good conversation with good friends – as always!  Then it was home for naptime for Robbie and run time for me.  I headed out on a 9.76 mile run – my last run on the hills around here for a while!  I finished it in 1:54:18 with an average pace of 11:42 per mile.  It was a beautiful day for a run – I was in a long sleeve shirt and long pants.  *Almost* could have gone in shorts, but not quite.  I would have needed about 5 more degrees.  It was about 40, and hardly any breeze today so that was nice as well.

Then it was home for a cold bath and then a nice warm shower and then time with my guys.  I made Robbie and I a corndog each for a light supper; Ryan was still full from his lunch.  Then I stitched for a little while and Robbie snuggled next to me.  Once he was up in bed, I called home and talked to Mom & Dad for a while and stitched more while we finally watched the NASCAR race that we had Tivo’ed.  It was a really good race, and I got 2.5 hours started on a new cross stitch project.  It’s called Trombone and it’s by Stoney Creek.  Here’s what it looks like after tonight.  

And as long as I’m posting pictures. . .  Here are 2 scrunchies I made for my friend A (per her request – I love making stuff for her!).  Yes, A, I know the orange/yellow probably wasn’t the best choice of colors, but you wanted funky so you got funky!

And here’s Robbie talking on the phone with Gramma & Grampa and Uncle Rick on Easter Sunday.  I don’t know what’s up with his shirt – the camera must have done something wierd with his stripes.  It’s not really psychedelic like that – just normal dress shirt stripes.  He’s holding his stuffed Clifford the Big Red Dog in his non-phone hand, in case you were wondering.

Off to bed now – one more week of work before block leave!!

High:  42
Low:  11
Current:  37 with a chance of freezing rain overnight

One thought on “A very nice day!!

  1. As in any picture you posted of Robbie…he’s SO cute!!!

    I love the scrunchies!! And great stitching!
    One of these days I’ll post my current stitching on my blog.
    Take care

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