A fun day with my guys!

 We all slept in this morning.  Robbie didn’t wake up until around 9 and Ryan got up with him.  I slept until around 10.  That’s always nice to do once in a while.  After we had had breakfast and did computer stuff and played for a while, we headed into Watertown.  Our first stop was at The Whimsical Pig to drop off the wedding piece I did for Jeff & Heather – I’m finally getting it framed.  Then it was off to the Fairgrounds YMCA for the Outdoor Expo.  They had all kinds of outdoors stuff – boats, 4-wheelers, fishing stuff, hunting stuff, etc.  It was fun walking around and looking at everything.  Robbie enjoyed all the fish and deer and bears and other animals – all stuffed and mounted or rugs (there were a couple of bear rugs).  Then since we were all hungry and we were really close, we went to Cracker Barrel for an early afternoon lunch/supper.  Then we took a cut-across road and went to Michaels so I could get some floss I need for a new project I’m starting tomorrow.  And then it was off to the White’s Lumber 20th Annual Home Show at the Dulles State Office Building.  There didn’t seem to be as many vendors as there was last year, but it was still fun looking at all the tools and other home building stuff.  Ryan talked to quite a few of the people he used to work with at when he worked at White’s.

From there we headed home to an evening of Shrek and newspapers.  Robbie wanted to watch Shrek, and I sat on the floor with him and watched and read newspapers (I’m caught up to 2 weeks behind now!) and chatted with my friend A.  Robbie snuggled on my lap for part of the movie and he played with his Little People toys for part of it.  He and I made some Easter egg salad for a snack and then he headed off to bed.  After our reading and cuddle times, I stitched and we watched TV.

High:  26
Low:  15
Current:  20  Where did spring go?

One thought on “A fun day with my guys!

  1. Always nice to have a “family” day. I treasure my “family” days as my kids get older..they are further and further apart.

    Have a great day.

    (from snowy AND sunny Nova Scotia)

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