Some are gone!

 Remember how we didn’t have PT yesterday?  So I set my alarm accordingly and got  a little extra sleep.  Apparently I forgot to reset my alarms last night and I woke up at 0645 – 15 minutes before I was supposed to be at PT.  So I slept through PT again this week and missed out on a 5 mile run (on the treadmill since it was SNOWING again).  Robbie was up when I was getting my uniform on so I helped get him dressed and then we had breakfast together – cocoa puffs WITH MILK!  LOL  Then we headed off to daycare and work.  There wasn’t really much going on this morning again, but I managed to find stuff to fill my time – like finishing getting my marching band music pouch complete.  I borrowed one of the other trombone player’s pouches and copied what I didn’t have.  Once I was done with that, it was lunchtime so I ate and then I stitched for about 45 minutes.  After lunch was more of the same until about 2:15 when I went to the rehearsal hall to get my horn out and warm up for the rehearsal for the ceremony.  Well, this is a “new” horn – a loaner since mine is in the quad cons to head to Iraq.  We left just enough instruments back so that we can still support ceremonies and rehearse until we leave.  Well, my trigger  (the triangle-shaped thing just to the left of the mouthpiece in the pic) was frozen.  That’s not a good thing, but I managed to fix it.  I took it apart and cleaned it and re-oiled it and then it worked.  So I didn’t get as long of a warm up as I had planned on, but at least I got my horn working.  The rehearsal was very short and then we headed to the monthly retirement ceremony.  That was short as well as there were only 9 retirees this month!  Usually there are 20 or more.

When we got back to the band hall, there was a large flatbed truck in the parking lot with one group of 4 quad cons on the bed!!  I had gotten an e-mail from the Battalion UMO earlier in the day that they were trying to get trucks and start picking up some of the containers today.  The truck driver was finishing chaining the quads to the truck and didn’t need anything from me, so I left him about his business and went and put my trombone away and went back to my office.  I had to wait around until I heard from the BN UMO as to whether or not the other group of 4 would be going today or on Monday.  About 5:20 I got an e-mail from her and they will be going on Monday.  But my 2 quads that got moved back to the motor pool to get coupled to 2 other lone quads are gone as well, so 6 of our 10 quad cons have begun their long journey to Iraq.

I finally was able to head home about 5:30 and Ryan and Robbie (Ryan had picked Robbie up from school shortly after noon as Helen had called to say he was complaining about his throat hurting and that 2 kids (siblings) who had gone home early yesterday had confirmed cases of strep throat) had supper almost ready.  We had macaroni & cheese and pigs in a blanket.  Then we got toys picked up and put away and headed up for bedtime.  Once Robbie was in bed, I got some laundry going and then I sat down with my stitching and we watched M*A*S*H since there was nothing else on TV.

High:  32
Low:  27
Current:  28  Where did spring go?  It’s been snowing most of the day (not sticking much, though) and is snowing now.