A long, boring day

Today being Wednesday, was our “in-at-7-with-no-PT” day. Of course, about 2/3 of the band was doing the Combat Live Fire Exercise so there was only about 12 people around. I was one of those 12. After formation, I got on my computer and surfed and checked e-mail and my message boards and did a little bit of work. Finally about 11 I found something I could do to actually be productive. We needed some new folders made for the newest Soldiers in the unit, so I got the labels done up and printed for them and then stuck the labels on the folders and got them in our file drawer. That took me to lunch. Ryan stopped by as I had asked him to bring me my GPS watch and a long sleeved PT shirt. It was such a beautiful day out that I decided to run outside for PT in the afternoon!! Ryan and I went to Charley’s for lunch and then I got a little bit of stitching time after we got back. He was heading to the unemployment office in Watertown.

After lunch was pretty much more of the same – surfing and e-mail. About 2:45 I went and got changed into my PT uniform and SFC J met up with me and we went for a 4.32 mile run. It took us 46:44, but there was times where it felt like we were back on a treadmill the wind was so strong. We were going at a nice 10 or 10:30 pace per mile when there was no wind, and when the wind picked up, it slowed us down to about a 13 minute mile. When the wind was at our backs, we were going about 8:30 or 9 minute mile. Crazy. But it was a nice run overall, and great to be back out running with him – he did a lot of my marathon training long runs with me. After we got back from the run, we stretched inside my supply office and then I headed home. Of course, I got Robbie on the way, and when we got home Ryan had lasagne (frozen type) in the oven for supper. It turned out good and we had a nice supper. Then Robbie played and I went up for a much-needed shower. After he was changed for bed, we played some more – I got to “be” the firetruck (I was pushing a toy firetruck around, but I had to make it talk and stuff). It was fun!

Once he was tucked into bed, I crocheted and watched Tivo. I finished another scrunchie for A, and then I started on a tote bag she asked me to make her. I think it’s going to go fairly quickly – it’s only 20 rows in the round using 2 strands of yarn held together.

Time for bed here. . .

High: 39
Low: 32
Current: 33 and partly cloudy. I *think* spring might be starting to arrive. . .

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