So much for that plan

 I ran 3.5 miles at PT this morning (on the treadmill at the gym) and then headed to Battalion for formation.  It was still below zero so they were smart and held the formation inside the motorpool.  The band and one of the other companies in the Battalion got presented streamers for our guidon for POV Safety during a certain period of time – no vehicle accidents.  It’s kind of nice being recognized when the unit does something good!  After formation it was back to the gym to change (formation was in PT uniform) and then to the chow hall for a really quick breakfast.  At our formation at the band hall, I had a lot of stuff to put out.  Supply things and movement things, the biggest one being “start packing your stuff.”  We got the quad cons emptied out today so we can start packing and loading.  One of the other Staff Sergeants in the unit volunteered to take charge of that so I could get over to the transportation office and start working in TC-AIMS and doing my updates.  Well, the part that I needed to do only took about an hour.  But I ended up being there all day because a lot of our equipment have non-standard item numbers and for this program to work correctly when doing movement stuff, they all have to be standard.  So I had about 30 items I needed to change.  Some of the stuff just is not in the database, but I finally found a generic code for “band stuff” (basically) – so I just use that number and then change the description to whatever the item actually is.  I took a break at lunch so I could go to the chow hall and eat lunch with my Soldier that is attending the leadership course right now (they are allowed to eat with their sponsors or chain of command).  He is doing well at the course and seems to be enjoying it.  I filled him in on what’s going on at the unit and he let me know how his tests and stuff were doing.  They don’t have much time to eat, so it was a short visit, but still nice to see him.  I’ll go back again on Tuesday and eat lunch with him again.

After lunch it was back to the TC-AIMS computer and I worked for about another hour and a half.  I only have 6 or 7 items left to change, but I had to leave for job formation for the monthly retirement ceremony.  This is probably my last gig for several months since we’ll be packing and loading in 2 weeks.  At least I have my personal horn so I can still play some.  We had a short rehearsal before we left for the ceremony site.  The ceremony was short as there were only 12 retirees this month.  Sometimes there are 30 or 40 or more.  At least we’re seated inside.

Once the ceremony was done, I headed home (we all had to drive to the ceremony since the bus wouldn’t start because of the cold).  Ryan had picked Robbie up earlier as he wasn’t feeling well – tummyache and slightly feverish.  Of course, by the time I got home, he was feeling fine.  We went to McDonald’s for supper after playing for a while after I got home.  Once we got home from supper, it was bedtime for sleepyhead Robbie and I stitched for a little bit.  I finished a small project, but I’m too tired tonight to take a picture of it and post it.

To bed early and sleeping in tomorrow!!!

High:  23
Low:  -7

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