Quad con case closed!!

I kind of overslept this morning and didn’t make it to PT.  But I didn’t get in trouble – my Team Leader is cool and he understands stuff happens.  So I went in for formation, and afterwards I spent an hour in the commander’s office with the First Sergeant.  Nope – not in trouble.  We were just discussing UMO stuff – dates for loading our equipment/instruments, other dates (and no, I can’t discuss them), and just getting caught up after they’ve been out of the loop for the past month.  Of course, after I got done talking with them, I checked my e-mail and changes for dates that we had just talked about.  I let them know the changes.  I worked on a few other things until lunch and then after lunch I spent a couple of hours at the Battalion supply office.  I brought some paperwork, picked up other paperwork, and got my quad con issue taken care of!  It is no longer an issue, and I got a high-5 when I got back to my supply office and passed along the news.  It’s nice having that chapter closed.  Then I went through my property book and notated the changes that have been made since I entered everything into TC-AIMS.  I’ll be going to do a final update tomorrow morning and I wanted to be ready for it.  SFC P and I discussed a few things and then I headed home for the day.

I picked Robbie up from daycare, and when we got home I helped him make supper.  He wanted to cook and we made tacos.  I browned the hamburger, but he put the taco seasoning and water in and stirred it, and when everything was done, he carried the plate with the tortillas and the bowl with the meat to the table.  It was actually kind of fun cooking with him.  After we were done eating, he wanted to take a shower.  Ok – this kid doesn’t like showers.  But we let him and he got mostly under the water.  I told him it was just like being in the rain.  And the first thing he says is “If I’m in the rain, then I need a ‘brella.”  LOL  But he survived and then we headed up to bed.  Once he was read to and hugged and kissed and tucked in, I settled down to my stitching and some Tivo.

Bedtime now after I finish my e-mail and message boards.

High:   8
Low:  -5
Current:  -1 and supposed to get to -15 overnight

2 thoughts on “Quad con case closed!!

  1. Ooh…

    cooking is fun πŸ™‚ And Robbie, when it rains you also need your boots, so next time you take a shower, don’t forget your boots πŸ™‚

    Cheers Eva
    PS: Lani, a little something’s on its way from Amazon & some other place… you should be getting the packages next week sometime.

  2. It’s definitely too chilly for you to be running outside! You have plenty of access to treadmills, right? I’d hang with those for a while!
    Robbie seems too cute for words. πŸ™‚

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