No, not something you wear.  Go back and read the subject again. . .

So I woke up this morning and we had gotten *maybe* 4 or 5 inches of the foot or so of snow we were supposed to get.  Not a single school in the area was delayed or closed, and Ft. Drum certainly wasn’t on a delay.  But I did get to sleep in a wee tiny bit as I didn’t have to be in until 0800 this morning.  I dropped Robbie off on my way to the Battalion motor pool where I spent most of the day.

Today was TSIRT day – Theater Specific Individual Readiness Training.  We had 7 stations where we got hands-on experience with 4 types of weapons, Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear training, communications training, and some medical stuff.  It was a very well-run day and all of the instructors were very knowledgeable about their subjects.  The weapons were especially fun as we each got a chance to disassemble and assemble and learn the basics of a 50 caliber machine gun (50-cal), M-249 squad automatic weapons, M-240B machine gun, and a MK-19 machine gun/grenade launcher.  Those are some heavy firepower weapons, and it was neat actually getting to “play around” with them a little.  The MK-19 was a little tough – it takes a lot of strength to pull the charging handle on it and I’m pretty sure there were some females (and maybe even some males) that weren’t able to do it.  I managed, but not without some struggling and giggling.  Lunch was an MRE today, and eaten in between training stations.  We didn’t have an actual lunch break, but it worked out really nicely and we were done about 1445.

Then I went to the Battalion Security office to get the paperwork started on my security clearance (finally).  I had to fill out 3 forms for now and when the initial local background check and the medical check come back, then I’ll go back for fingerprinting and all kinds of other stuff – basically my life going back for the past 7 years.  That didn’t take very long and then it was back to the supply office to try and figure out which end is up in my life as the new Supply NCOIC and the UMO.  I think I only managed to figure out that I’m too stressed and overtaxed right now and I needed to get something off my plate.  So SFC P talked to 1SG on my behalf and we’ve decided that I will be giving up my UPL hat and no longer conducting the monthly urinalyses.  It’s not a super big piece of the pie, but it’s big enough that it gives me extra headaches.  I feel better knowing that I don’t have to worry about that anymore, other than maybe providing some remedial training for the UPL who was my secondary and will now be the primary.

I left about 4:45 and headed to get Robbie and then meet Ryan at the Golden Unicorn.  We headed to the chiropractor in Sackets Harbor together and had our adjustments.  Boy did I need it after having my body armor and helmet on all day.  Tasha (she did my massage today – and after my marathon) said I was more knotted up and tight muscles today than I was after my marathon.  Yikes!  I told her to not even think about what I’ll be like after I get back from Iraq and wearing that stuff every day.  I felt a lot better after the massage (and she gave me a longer-than-10-minutes one) and adjustment.  Then it was back to the Unicorn for supper and to get Ryan’s truck.  Now Robbie’s in bed, and I’m heading that way myself.  No crocheting tonight – too late and too tired.

High:  27
Low:  8
Current:  9 and clear.  Supposed to get down to -7 tonight