So it’s not a real one, but still fun. . .

Mom, can you beat this?
161 words

Speed test

You reached 657 points, so you achieved position 1404 of 750856 on the ranking list
You type 883 characters per minute
You have 161 correct words and
you have 6 wrong words

I HIGHLY doubt I *actually* type that fast. These were just words in a list that you typed – the most commonly used words in the English language. But it was fun nonetheless!

2 thoughts on “So it’s not a real one, but still fun. . .

  1. Wow…

    that sure is fast… I didn’t realise it said 161 words a minute… I had 64 words a minute and the thing had trouble keeping up with my speed…

    • Re: Wow…

      Wow, you should type papers for college students and get paid. Think of how much money you’d make per hour. That’s awesome! Suzanne

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