So it’s not a real one, but still fun. . .

Mom, can you beat this?
161 words

Speed test

You reached 657 points, so you achieved position 1404 of 750856 on the ranking list
You type 883 characters per minute
You have 161 correct words and
you have 6 wrong words

I HIGHLY doubt I *actually* type that fast. These were just words in a list that you typed – the most commonly used words in the English language. But it was fun nonetheless!

Ammo Handler Course

 I didn’t have to go to PT this morning.  I had planned on going anyway, but more sleep won out this morning.  I had to be at the Battalion classroom by 0900 for the Ammo Handler Course.  I don’t know why I had to go to this other than that I was told I would.  The whole day was a waste of my time.  I won’t be using anything from today – we don’t draw our own ammo when we go to ranges.  We’re always with someone else from Battalion.  We don’t have any vehicles anymore, so we can’t transport ammo.  There were so many other things I could have been doing today.  I did get a letter started to my friend Ash – during my breaks.  We got 10 minute breaks every hour or so and they always turned into 15 or 20 minutes.  We got an hour and a half for lunch during which time I went back to my supply office to take care of a few things while I ate.  And I stitched some, too.  Oh, the course.  We talked about how to transport ammo, how to store it, how to turn in excess after a range or other training event, and a few basic characteristics of different kinds.  I was glad when it was finally test time.  It was a 20-question open book test, multiple choice.  I missed one.  Some of the Soldiers sitting near me missed 6 and 7 questions.  How do you miss that many on an open-book test?  At any rate, I’m done with it.

After I was done, I headed back to my office to check my e-mail and take care of a few things.  I also did a little bit of paperwork.  I added to my To Do List that I keep on my desk calendar.  I chatted with my MST Leader (Music Support Team – I’m in B Team now, and not in BQ anymore in case I hadn’t mentioned it before.  B Team is the ceremonial band, and we’ll also have a Dixie Band and a Low Brass Ensemble and maybe another BQ.).  I finally got out of there about 5:20 and I headed out in the snow (it’s been snowing all day – we’re under a winter storm warning) to get Robbie and head home.  On my way home I called and ordered pizza for supper so I wouldn’t have to cook.  After a stop at the gas station, it was home to relax.

Once Robbie was in bed I crocheted on a baby blanket.  Now I’m going to bed as well.

High:  32
Low:  27 (current and snowing)