Tiring Day

PT was great this morning.  I got in a nice 4.16 mile run on the treadmill.  Here begins my half-marathon training!  After breakfast at the chow hall, I had a little bit of time to stitch before formation once I got to the band hall.  I guess there are benefits to eating alone.  After formation, I pretty much just sat around the office all morning.  I did take care of a few e-mails but that was about it.  I stitched during lunch after I ate and then it was a busy and long afternoon.  We’re turning in our two vehicles and the trailer along with a few other things, and we had to go move the vehicles over to the turn in area.  We were going to lay out everything else that we’re turning in so that we could see how long it would take when we have to do it for inspection and turn in tomorrow, but it took lots longer moving the trailer than we anticipated and we were running short on time.  Then SSG C and I went to Battalion Supply office to take care of some issues.  Then to one of the buildings in the motor pool where there were some quad cons.  Nope.  Not mine.  We’re about out of options, but not quite.  By now it was 1645 and we headed back to our supply office.  SSG C did up some paperwork and then I took it up to Battalion on my way to get Robbie from daycare.  I hate having him there until almost 1730 when she closes, but some days it just can’t be helped.  Especially now with us trying to get our stuff ready to deploy.  Ryan was home again today, and he did some cleaning and stuff, and he also cooked supper.  It was a meal-in-a-box and he had to add some water and stir and put it in the oven (in a pan. . .).  That was nice of him to help out like that!  And dinner was really yummy – it was a cheesy ham & potato thing.  We’ve had it before.  Now Robbie’s in bed and I’m heading up as well.  Yes, it’s only 8, but I’m tired and I’m going to be early tonight.

High:  21
Low:  -3
Current:  15

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