Wierd weather

6:10 a.m. – We left home for daycare/work and it was POURING rain and about 43 degrees on my car outdoor temperature thing. Dropped Robbie off and headed to post.
6:45 a.m. – Parked and headed into formation. Temperature was still 43 degrees and it was raining. And very windy. VERY WINDY. The power blinked during formation.
7:05 a.m. – Open the door to go outside to go to the supply building, and it’s SLEETING. Hard, very frozen sleet, and VERY WINDY. It was not a fun walk across the street. I go into the supply building and get set up for my monthly 10% urinalysis. I have two Soldiers to test today and we’re done fairly quickly. I get everything packed up and put away and I get ready to go turn the specimens in.
8:15 a.m. – Holy cow! I had to clean an inch of SNOW off my van (and the layer of ice underneath) and it’s 20 degrees by my van. The roads are awful and I’m glad I only had to drive about 1/2 mile to where I turn the samples in. Well, the road conditions are RED which means no unnecessary travel and the mailman won’t be coming. So I’m going to have to bring my package to the post mail room all the way across post so it can get mailed out. Then they thought better and decided they’d just lock it up in their safe. I appreciated that and let them know.

So then it was back to the office and one of my Soldiers had to go talk to First Sergeant (1SG’s request) so I had to go in with him. I wasn’t anything bad. Then I did some paperwork and a few other things. The morning dragged on and the drift between the supply building and the rehearsal hall was getting higher. Lunchtime finally rolls around and just as I’m starting to eat, SFC B called to let me know that 1SG had said that we were released due to the weather. So I called all my Soldiers and let them know and then I finished my lunch and then I stitched some. Why didn’t I go home right away? Because I wanted Robbie to get at least some semblance of a nap before I picked him up. I picked him up a little after 2, after cleaning much more snow off my van and scraping through more ice.

Then I went to the chiropractor for my weekly adjustment. It’s only about 4-5 miles from daycare. So we drove. The closer we got the better the roads were and when we pulled into the parking lot, the sun was shining. Wierd. I had a nice massage and adjustment and then Robbie decided he wanted “popcorns” today, too. And he got up on the table all by himself (usually he lays on me) and “assumed the position”. Dr. Lundy started and he said that he didn’t want her hands. He wanted what Mommy had. I asked him if he wanted a massage and he said yes. So Tasha gave him a short massage, and boy did that kid relax and was almost asleep. Yes, this is the kid that can hardly sit still even when reading or doing a puzzle. Then he let Dr. Lundy do popcorns.

So then we finally headed home. The sun was still out and the roads were nice – until I got back by post not even a 3 or 4 mile drive. From there home the roads got worse and worse and worse, and there were whiteout conditions in some spots with the wind blowing off the river. We made it home safely and we spent the rest of the day playing and watching the snow until Ryan got home shortly after 7. He went to chiro after he was done with work, and by then the roads were bad over by chiro as well.

Now, at 9:40 p.m. the wind has died down some, but it is SNOWING. And looking at the radar, it looks like it has settled right over us. The forecast is saying 4-8 inches now. Maybe for once they’ll be right!

No stitching for me tonight – it was almost 8:30 by the time we had eaten and got Robbie to bed. So I guess I’ll play on my computer for a little bit and then head upstairs and read for a while.

High: 43 (first thing this morning)
Low: 16 (current temp)
Wind gusts were up to 50 mph earlier today.

One thought on “Wierd weather

  1. LOL…

    why doesn’t it surprise me that Robbie can’t sit still πŸ™‚ I still remember him as a very wriggly 2 month old baby in MB πŸ™‚
    Our weather’s been weird like that too since the past 2 days. Not so extreme as yours, but one second brilliant sunshine, the next rain/snow. One moment the temps are positive and then they drop into the negs and then they’re back up again. Real weird…

    Cheers Eva

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