A fairly productive day

I did an upper body workout at the gym this morning – back, chest, shoulders, triceps, and biceps. It felt great but I’ll be sore tomorrow. But it’s a good sore! Then it was breakfast at the chow hall and off to formation at the band hall. Then off to supply. I finished getting my class stuff put together for the UXO class and sent it off to our Training NCO for approval by him and the 1SG. No problems, but 1SG did ask if I could do some kind of handouts on the 9-line report for reporting a UXO. Hmm. . . What else did I do this morning? I answered the phone a bunch since I was the only one in the office. I played on my computer. And I got Robbie’s 13-page packet filled out to get him enrolled in Central Registration on post. This will enable us to use the free child care they provide for things like our upcoming deployment briefing and stuff like that, and I’ll also get on the notification list if they get a Family Child Care home in Carthage/West Carthage.

Then I ate lunch and stitched (not at the same time). After lunch I did some paperwork for some serial number issues, I went and got a few things out of the Brass Quintet room that we needed, I got my Enlisted Record Brief (tells all the awards I’ve gotten, courses I’ve done, weapons qualification, PT test scores, ASVAB scores, and all kinds of other stuff) updated in Admin and now all my awards and courses are on there! I did a few counseling statements (not bad ones – just monthly “how am I doing?” ones). I chatted with 1SG for about 20 minutes or so about one of my Soldiers. Hmm. . . I think that’s all. Oh, I know. I made wallet-sized cards with the 9-line report information on them and SGT O laminated them all for me so they’re ready to hand out when I teach my class on 13 Feb. And just a disclaimer – the stuff mentioned in this paragraph didn’t necessarily happen in the order I wrote about it.

I finally headed home about 4:30 and got Robbie and we came home and played and put his puzzle together. Once Ryan got home we ordered pizza for supper. Once Robbie was in bed I stitched and we watched TV.

Off to bed with me now. . .

High: 38 (current temp – and rain)
Low: 18

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