PT, a class, dentist, playing & stitching

I had a good workout at the gym this morning for PT – ran a little over 3.5 miles in 40 minutes and it felt good. It was slow, but that’s ok. Then it was breakfast at the chow hall and I ate with Chaplain Jones again, and also JN was sitting with him, so we had good conversation while we ate. Then we had formation at battalion and that was a waste of time like always. And then it was off to my office. There’s not much going on around the band this week as the Army Bands Audio Training (ABAT) is being held here – Chief puts it on every year or so wherever he’s at. But while in my office, I did get my class together that I will be presenting to the band in mid-February. It’s on Unexploded Ordnance Hazards. Most of it is going to be from an online Army sourse and then I just made a power point slide show as a review/hit key points.

I ate lunch and stitched after the short company formation we had – 1SG wasn’t at BN this morning and he had some stuff he needed to put out. Shortly after 1300, I headed off to get Robbie. He had his first dentist appointment today at 1400 and he did really well. He had his teeth counted and checked and even got them cleaned and had flouride treatment done. The dentist and hygienest are both really nice and really good with kids. Ryan is going to the same dentist. Then it was home and we played until Ryan got home from work and then we ate supper. After supper Ryan and Robbie walked up to the Kinney Drugs on the corner (like 2 blocks away) so Ryan could pick up some prescriptions. Then it was time to brush teeth (with his new toothbrush from the dentist!) and head to bed. Once Robbie was in bed, I stitched and we watched TV.

High: 31
Low: 16
Current: 17 and cloudy

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