Lots of stuff

I skipped PT this morning so I could go and finish getting my property book into the TC-AIMS computer at the transportation office. I started shortly before 8 and was done by 9:30. And that puts the Band (once again) ahead of the curve as far as Battalion goes. All the UMO’s from the Battalion (each company has at least one) were to START inputting their UELs (Unit Equipment Lists) today. I finished up just as they were arriving to get started. Now I’ll just have minor changes to make as we turn in more stuff (old instruments) and add new ones.

After I finished that, I headed to the supply office for a little while and went through a few e-mails and found out what had been put out at formation. Then it was off to the chapel for a dress rehearsal for the ceremony this afternoon. I hate going to these, especially the first ones as this was, because no one seems to know what is supposed to be going on. The band does ceremonies all the time, and I could probably write out a script for one – who says what when and who does what. After that was over (I didn’t really do much other than announce “Anthem complete” and “Taps complete” at the appropriate places), I headed to The Commons for the MLK Luncheon. They have one of these every month for whatever observance is that month. The Jazz Combo played so it was nice hearing them while we ate after the program. The program/speaker were pretty good. The food was ok. It was southern food – fried chicken wings (I don’t do wings), fried catfish (eeew), homemade mac & cheese (ok, but definitely not Ryan’s), and collard greens (EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW). The corn bread was really good and I went back for a second piece of that, and then cake for dessert and that was good.

Then it was back to work and I got my inventory finished up, some paperwork that I need to turn in with it to get a serial number changed (it’s easy to invert numbers when doing paperwork, and it’s a pretty easy fix as long as the old and new are relatively close), and answered a couple more work e-mails. Shortly after 3:30 I headed back to the chapel with my horn. The Brass Quintet met there, and we played at the monthly Mountain Remembrance in memory of two 10th Mountain Division Soldiers who died the end of November. The ceremony went well, as they usually do despite the rehearsal this morning. The quintet was a little shaky at the beginning of our pre-music, but we pulled it together and I don’t think anyone noticed except for us.

After that was done, I stopped at the gas station on my way to get Robbie and then home. I made a frozen skillet dinner thing for supper and it was pretty good. It was beef and broccoli and rice with an oriental sauce. I made some extra rice to supplement so there would be enough to eat for all of us. Once Robbie was cleaned up, teeth brushed, and in bed, I got some stitching done while we watched a bit of Tivo.

High: 17
Low: 8
Current: 11 and clear skies. I can see the almost-full moon out my window.