Back to work

It was SNOWING this morning. We had gotten 4-5 inches overnight, if not more, and it was coming down pretty heavy when I got up. ALL the schools in the area were on a 2 hour delay. Ft. Drum? Nothing. Ryan got the snowblower out and cleared to get to his truck and did the sidewalks. I shoveled in front of my garage. It was pretty light and fluffy, so I didn’t figure I’d have too much trouble getting out in my van. So Robbie and I get going – a little early thankfully. Our street hadn’t been plowed at all, and the streets in town had seen a snowplow sometime during the night but not recently. The roads are slippery and visibility is next to nothing. I get on the road to head toward post and we are going 15 mph – there is a 4WD truck in front of me and a little car in front of him. I watched the car drive into the ditch. I think the intent was to turn on the road going to the high school, but he was about 200 or so yard short and just drove off the road, down a steep hill, into the ditch. He didn’t roll, so that’s good. I saw him getting out, so I didn’t stop. Had he rolled, I would have. By this time the truck was GONE so I had no taillights to follow and I could barely see where I was on the road, but I managed. Then when a car would come from the other direction, I was pretty much blind for a little bit until the snow settled. As we got closer to daycare/post, the snow started letting up a little bit and the roads were a little better.

I finally got Robbie to daycare and headed to work. Our parking lot was in the process of being plowed, but then the plow guy disappeared. So I just parked, half in the plowed area and half not. There were quite a few people missing from formation, but all were accounted for as they had called. After formation those of us parked in the snow went and moved our vehicles to an already plowed area and the plow guy was able to finish. The morning was taken up with a pre-training class on Humvee roll-over procedures, mainly on how to exit the vehicle while it’s upside down. We’ll be doing actual training on Friday. Then I went to supply for a little bit and went through my work e-mails since last Friday. At 0930 we had a short brass quintet rehearsal to prepare for our gig tomorrow. Rehearsal went well other than it was obvious that no one had touched a horn since our last rehearsal last week. Then it was back to supply for more computer work before lunch. I stitched during lunch and then we had formation at Battalion at 1300. It was WINDY and COLD and we were outside between the motorpool buildings – right in a wind tunnel. I don’t know why we didn’t have the formation inside like we usually do when it’s cold. After formation, the whole band went to where our LMTV and Humvee are parked to learn how to do a PMCS (Preventative Maintenance Checks & Services) on them. Well, since it was cold and windy, it was hard to hear what was going on, and we were all trying to stay warm. Finally First Sergeant got smart and sent us back to the band hall and said we’d do it when it got warmer and we could bring the vehicles to our band area.

Once back, I got together with one of our sound guys and we finished off my 10% inventory for the month. Well, most of it. . . I did all the microphones with one of my supply supervisors (who also knows sound). I only have 3 more things to find tomorrow and then I can get it signed and turned in. After I was done with that it was time to head to the gym for PT; I did almost 3 miles on the elliptical and then I did about 150 crunches of various kinds. Then it was off to get Robbie and head to the chiropractor. We’re at her other location today and next week as our usual place is being remodeled (Ryan will actually be doing some of the work out there). It was really nice in there, and gave us an idea of what our usual place will be like as well. Everyone gets a private room and you unclothe and put on a hospital gown. They have moist heat and boy was that ever nice and then you get a really good massage – with massage cream and everything. They can work on you better when you don’t have a shirt on. I think my 10 minute massage was more like 20. 🙂 After our adjustments we headed home (Ryan met us there like he usually does) and Ryan made mac & cheese for supper. By the time we were done eating, it was almost 8 so we got Robbie to bed and I’m about to head there myself. No stitching for me this evening – too tired.

High: 23
Low: 16 (current temp)

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