Merry Christmas!!

The past 2 days have been a whirlwind, as they always seem to be around here for Christmas. Yesterday morning Dad and I went to Marquette for a little bit of last minute shopping and some errands. My big one was to the jeweler. I’ve somehow managed to break a prong and lose a diamond off my wedding ring. It was one of the medium sized ones, and the jeweler we use up here is really nice. It was only $38 for the diamond, and then add in the prong and shipping since it won’t be done before we have to go back to NY, and it was still well under what I had figured. At least I can still wear the engagement part of my ring so I have something to wear on my finger. After Dad and I finished our errands and had gotten home, the rush began. I had to frame a cross stitch piece for Mom, and I had Rick do most of my wrapping while I was framing. I managed to get everything done – except writing out some music. I had forgotten my trombone Christmas book in NY, and was to play O Holy Night at 2 churches. Mom had a piano version, and on my way to gig number 1 (a Lutheran church in a neighboring town that Mom played the piano for as well), I wrote out my music. Nothing like writing music on the way to the gig. That church service and my playing during the offering went well, and they sure enjoyed having some special music.

Then it was off to my grandparents’ house for pizza, veggies, and candy/cookies (all homemade – well, not the veggies). We enjoyed visiting with G’ma & G’pa and Aunt Carol and of course Robbie’s antics made us all laugh. Mom and I headed out to church (our church this time) a little earlier than the guys did as she accompanies the choir and I was playing the Call to Worship (O Holy Night again) so we had to be there early. Ryan and Robbie and Rick and Dad got there about quarter to 8. It was a very nice service with lots of carols and lessons and Communion and candles at the end. It did get a little long – maybe they don’t need to sing ALL the verses of ALL the hymns/carols. After church it was back to G’ma & G’pa’s to open presents, and boy were there a lot of them for only 9 people. It was around midnight when we finally got home, and Robbie went right to bed, and the rest of us followed soon after.

This morning I got up a little earlier than my guys to help Mom in the kitchen. I got all the potatoes for today’s dinner peeled, and Rick made his jello salad stuff, and Mom got donut puffs going for breakfast. I got my guys up and Robbie got to come downstairs to see what Santa brought him. His biggest present from Santa was a big boy bike! He sure was excited about that. Then we ate the donut puffs for breakfast before opening the rest of our stuff from Santa. Some of the stuff I got were Christmas socks, a cube of note paper with music notes on the side, a music note hotpad, some handmade soap from a local soapmaker, and a crochet book. Then it was church again – you think 5 times in the last 4 days all with Communion is enough to last me until next Sunday? LOL Ryan stayed home and napped since he wasn’t feeling very good.

Once we got home, we finished up getting the food ready and I got another cross stitch piece framed – a baby piece for our newest cousin Hope. I finished it about 10 minutes before the family started arriving. Once everyone was here, there were 18 of us. We took a picture of all the cousins – all 12 of us! We did our gift exchange – Carl had my name this year and he got me a Canadian Brass CD, a cute pair of socks, and some foot lotions. Robbie got some neat toys and everyone had lots of great things. Dinner was good – ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, pickles, 2 kinds of jello-type salads, rolls, and probably more that I can’t remember. After we ate, several of the cousins had to leave to go to their other families (one married and one newly engaged). We visited for a while and had fun watching Robbie play with his new toys. Then we had dessert – choice of pumpkin pie, berry pie (that’s what I had), or birthday cake (my youngest cousin’s b-day is Christmas Eve). Once we were done eating, everyone pretty much left and boy was it quite here!

Robbie got a nap, and I finished making and wrapping presents for our family. It was nice just relaxing for a while after the rush of the past 2 days. About 7, G’ma Ele and Aunt Carol came over because they like watching us open presents. Then it was time for all the gifts within our family – 6 of us, and there sure were a lot of presents under the tree.
Everyone got lots of great things. I got Christmas socks from Robbie, part of a gift certificate for a full day at a spa (the rest of the gc will be coming), a page-a-day cross stitch calendar from Ryan, cross stitch charts from Mom & Dad, Canadian Brass DVD, gift card to Michaels from my brother and tons of other stuff that I can’t remember right now. In the next few days I’ll get a pic of all my presents and share that.

The last gift of the evening was an early anniversary present to me and Ryan from Mom & Dad. We are getting a free night of babysitting, and a night at a local bed and breakfast on the night of our 5th anniversary (Friday night). That will be nice getting away for just the 2 of us – and we’ll get to go out for dinner as well as we got a gift card to a local restaruant from G’ma & G’pa last night. Thank you everyone!!!

We ended the evening with sauna, and now that I’m all relaxed and very sleepy, I’m going to head up to bed.

High: 25
Low: 19