Sleeping, shopping, church, and family

I’ve been enjoying getting to sleep in. Yesterday I got up about 9 and Robbie was just waking up too. We came down and played for a while until Rick and Ryan got up. I made a quick trip into Gwinn to the post office to mail some Christmas cards and then a stop at Mom’s doctor on my way home to pick up something for her. Around 1:15 or so Ryan and I left for Marquette and he brought me to where Mom works. Then he went off and did some shopping, and I crocheted while Mom finished up work for the day. Then Mom & I went and did our last bit of Christmas shopping and some grocery shopping as well. She had to play piano for our Saturday evening church service, so I went to church with her since we didn’t have time to go home in between. Once home, we had chili for supper that Dad had made and then sauna later in the evening. Robbie really enjoyed it, and Ryan had a hard time getting him to leave. I stayed in way too long and almost passed out. I’m just not used to it since it’s been since March for sauna for me. But Mom and I were having such a good time talking about girl stuff and everything, that I wasn’t paying attention to how I was feeling until too late. Plus, I haven’t been drinking water like I should, so that didn’t help matters any.

This morning I was the first one up, and that was about 8:30. Mom came down shortly after I did, and then I went and woke my guys up around 9:15. Church is at 10:30, and it was nice seeing everyone again. It’s always nice to come home to our home church. After Mom got home from choir practice, we made brunch – pancakes, eggs, and sausage. We finished eating about 2 and then there wasn’t enough time for a nap for Robbie. We left about 3:15 for Rock, Mom & Dad’s hometown, and went to their old church and the church that Mom’s sister’s families are still members of. They had their Christmas cantata, directed by my Aunt Pris, and my Aunt Pattie and cousins Amanda, Renee, and Holly all sang in. Renee even had a solo in it. It was really good and lasted about 45 minutes. They had snacks and coffee/juice afterwards, so it was nice to sit and visit with people, especially my cousins and aunts whom I haven’t seen since March.

We got home and watched some tv before having a late supper of homemade subs and chips.
Then we just spent the rest of the evening relaxing. Mom and I crocheted, and when I finished my project I stitched for a while. We all watched tv. Well, not Robbie since he was in bed.

We started out the morning with a cold, miserable drizzle, and by the time we left for the cantata, it was snowing. We didn’t get nearly as much here as they did in Rock, but it’s enough that everything is white again after the rain the past day and a half.

High: 41
Low: 14
Current: 16