Greetings from Michigan!!!!

Yesterday was a travel day. We left home shortly before 0730 and drove all day. We had 2 meal stops, 3 gas stops, and several potty stops. Overall it took a little over 15 1/2 hours, but only 13 hours of driving time. Mom & Dad were surprised to see us – they thought we were going to my brother’s to spend the night and then drive home today. But we decided to surprise them and come all the way. Rick was in on it, and we’ve been planning it since Thanksgiving. We were all really tired when we got here, and even though I did play games for a little while, I didn’t feel like writing.

Today I slept in until 10. Robbie was up about 9:30, according to my brother and dad. Ryan got up about 10:30. We spent the morning playing with blocks, trucks, and his new football (a little plastic one from Northern Michigan University’s homecoming parade). I played on my computer some, too. Then around 12:30 or so, Ryan and Dad went to Marquette for some shopping and clock stuff. Rick and Robbie and I went over to G’ma & G’pa’s to visit. G’ma asked me what I was doing there, and I said visiting (like DUH! LOL). Afterall, I was supposed to be driving today, not here already. So we visited there for about an hour or so, and Aunt Carol was there as well. Then we came home and Robbie went down for a nap and I played on my computer for a little bit before taking out my crocheting. I have one Christmas present left to finish. It needs to be mailed, but the recipient’s mom has already been notified that it will be a little bit late.

Mom got home from work around 5:30 and after a little while, we headed out and went to the Catholic church in town for their living Nativity. They have various youth dressed as Mary, Joseph, shepherd, kings (wise men), and angels, and they have live animals – a donkey and some sheep. Robbie got to pet the animals. We (the 4 adults) were ready to leave, but Robbie wanted to see Baby Jesus some more. So we stayed until he was ready to go, and then we went for pizza at the local Italian place. Ryan had nachos and Robbie had popcorn chicken and the other 4 of us shared 2 medium pizzas. Then it was home and Robbie played for a little while before bed. I crocheted some and am half done with my last present. I’ll be heading off to bed soon seeing as how it’s almost midnight.

High: 34 (current temp)
Low: 30

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