Friday, at last!!

Today started my new morning routine. I dropped Robbie off at daycare on my way to PT as usual. I headed to the gym as we started doing yesterday. I took accountability of my team and we headed off to do cardio for PT. I ran on the treadmill – I had forgotten how much I don’t like running on the treadmill. BORING! After my release “formation” (I have a couple of guys that would probably try and skip out early), I headed to the locker room. I showered and changed there instead of coming home. Then I headed to the chow hall for breakfast. After yesterday morning’s super rushing time home, I did some math and made a decision. It takes me 5-10 minutes longer to get home from the gym than the band hall which makes it too rushed. And now with winter upon us, the roads are going to be bad and drivers stupid, so I’ve decided to stay on post after PT. My math was this: 4 days a week for breakfast in the chow hall will cost me no more than $6.00 (it cost me 90 cents this morning) and 4 days a week driving the 11 miles home and 11 miles back costs about $14.00 in gas. Hmm. . . Save almost 90 miles a week on my van and get a decent breakfast? Not much of a decision to make. Now, I suppose you’re wondering why I haven’t done that sooner. It was because I had no desire whatsoever to shower in the female barracks. Public gym? Ok. Female band barracks? No thanks.

After I was done eating, I got to stitch for about 10 minutes before I had to head over for 0930 formation. During formation, AM was promoted from Private to Private 2nd Class (PV2). It was a good day for him, and he thanked the chain of command for giving him a second chance. He came up positive on a urinalysis back in the spring and could very well have been put out of the Army. He was still reduced in rank from a Specialist (E-4) to a Private (E-1), and now he’s starting to work his way back up.

After formation I went to supply and started doing some computer work. I stitched during lunch. I did more computer work after lunch (finished the project I started in the morning) and then headed to the Battalion motorpool to take a walk around. Two of our quad-cons were “lent” to another company in the BN, and we need them back so we’re trying to find them. I found one of them and have a theory about where the other might be. Monday we’re going to continue on that mission and see if we can’t find the second one. It was WINDY walking around. I definitely was thankful for my “Michelin Man” jacket. I’ll have to get a picture of me in it someday so you can see what it looks like. Once I got back from the motorpool, I hung around for a little while and then headed home.

Robbie and I were home before 4:30 – that sure was nice being home early today! We played for a while, and then I made chicken patties and some frozen mashed potato things for supper. Then we played a little more after supper, and after Robbie was in bed, I stitched and we watched Tivo.

High: 36
Low: 22 (current temp – wind chill is 12)

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