Is it Friday yet???

This sure has been a long week – my first 5 day work week all month. This morning we started doing PT at the gym, and will continue that all winter. Woohoo! It’s so nice knowing our chain of command doesn’t want us out in the cold for PT. We’re doing accountability by Team Leader and full formation will be at 0930 now. So I made sure all my guys were there, and we headed off to hit the weights. We worked chest, shoulders, and triceps, as well as abs today. Boy am I going to be sore tomorrow – I haven’t lifted weights since February or March. I’ve been doing pushups of course, but lifting weights works your muscles slightly differently.

Then it was a quick trip home (that’s gonna change – stay tuned tomorrow. . .) to change, eat, pack my lunch, get supper going in the crockpot, and then get back for 0930 formation. That’s when I let them know that I was doing my monthly 10% urinalysis. It was only 2 Soldiers this morning, so it shouldn’t have been too bad and I should have been able to get to part of jazz band rehearsal. But one of the two didn’t need to go and finally went just before 1130. Of course, the people I turn the specimens into go to lunch at 1130, so I got to go to a short trombone sectional with my box of pee and then eat lunch with it sitting on my desk next to me. It’s always so much fun when people see “the box” and then me eating my lunch. They ask me how I can do that. Well, the pee is in bottles inside the box and the box is closed. It might as well be ANY cardboard box sitting next to me.

After lunch (and some stitching), I headed out to turn my specimens in. Of course, the mail guy comes in the morning, so I had to take the package to the mail room to get it mailed out to the testing lab. No big deal, but by the time I got back to the supply office, there wasn’t enough time to really get into doing anything. I didn’t really have anything to do anyway. So I read my book for a little while. At 1530 the BQ met up and we headed over to the Chapel to play at the Monthly Remembrance Ceremony. We remembered 5 Soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifce in the past month. We played well despite not having looked at the hymns we played in over a month. After the ceremony I finally got a chance to talk to Brigadier General (BG) Harrison. I’ve been wanting to catch him ever since his promotion in Afghanistan. He didn’t remember me as I figured he wouldn’t, but I remember him. He was my first Brigade Commander when I was stationed at Ft. Jackson. The band there was part of Victory Brigade, and he was the commander. He was a Colonel at the time. So we talked for a little while and that was kind of neat.

Then it was home. The closer to home I got, the lower the temperature on my van indicator was. It started out at 34 at the chapel and was 29 at home. And as I got closer to home, it was snowing harder and harder. Ryan had gotten off work early today and went to the chiropractor early and then picked Robbie up on his way home. It sure was nice coming home and having supper ready to go – I love my crockpot! We ate and then put a fussy & tired little guy to bed. After folding a couple of batches of clothes, I stitched and we watched Tivo.

High: 40
Low: 29 (current temp, and has been for many hours)